Defying Nature : The Demon

"Priest Finding Devil" Image courtesy of Ohmmy3d at

“Priest Finding Devil”
Image courtesy of Ohmmy3d at

Reverend Father Dimitris sits ashen faced and stunned across from Sergeant Areleous. Six years earlier he thought Reverend Father Nikias’s concern over a demon inhabiting his nephew was far-fetched especially after meeting the shy, respectful boy himself.  So he disregarded the request made to him to discreetly watch the boy for signs of a demon.  And a few weeks later he wrote to Nikias  that his worry about the boy was unfounded. Now it is coming back to bite him.

The Reverend Father has known Fotis since he was a baby, even knew his parents before the boy’s birth and was there to take him three weeks later.  The boy’s mother never recovered from the arduous birth and sadly died a slow and painful death. The boy’s father could not afford to pay someone to care for his new baby even with two jobs.  So he made the heart breaking decision to reach out to the Reverend Father to take his son into the orphanage.

While it is true Fotis was attempting to escape through the woods there is no way he would make up a tale like this to get out of trouble. No the boy had to report what he saw.

The Reverend Father has to take action and do the exorcism he should have done a long time ago.  Whatever demon has possession of Marcos has certainly gained power over the years. And even if he is successful with vanquishing the demon, the Reverend Father will be investigated for delaying action, reprimanded or worse dismissed.

“Reverend Father, Reverend Father, can you hear me? It is me Sergeant Areleous.”

It takes a few more seconds for the sergeants words to register.  “I can hear you, it is just what you told me is so shocking.”

“That it is but I promise you the search for Gavril will keep going and the boy Marcos will be re-interviewed. He is not speaking now but he will eventually tire and reveal what he is hiding.  If Marcos, as Fotis implied, harmed Gavril then justice will be done.”

“I understand what you are saying Sergeant Areleous but I really think this matter is for the Church since it is clear a demon is  involved. This goes above what the authorities can do. ”

“No, it is definitely a matter for the police. Marcos may have harmed even killed another child, that is a matter for the police.   Evil yes can have a hold on anyone but not as a result of  a demon.  They do not exist for if they did, demons  would surely not choose to be invisible to the eyes now would they Reverend Father. ”

Reverend Father Dimitris takes a swallow before answering, “You are right to think as you do but you are not of the Church and…”

“This is a police matter, snarls the Sergeant, cutting off the rest of the Reverend Father’s words, not some work of a so-called demon do I make myself clear.”

“Yes, Sergeant Areleous quite clear. I do apologize.”