Defying Nature: Burial

Cemetery image courtesy of

Cemetery image courtesy of


A group of four dressed in black stand several feet away from a small coffin that lies next to an open-pit where it will later be lowered into for final burial.  A Greek Orthodox priest presides over the service.  Missing from the small group of mourners is Nikias, Kallias’s brother.  Their mother Avra whispers prayers for her deceased grandson then suddenly stops and turns to her older son and says harshly, “Nikias should be here with us to see his nephew laid to rest.”

Kallias at first does not respond until his mother nudges him.  “I told you he is on assignment.”

“Your brother could easily have gotten out of it.  Why did you not pressure him to do so?”

“Really mother must we go through this again?  Can we not stay focused the service?”

Just as Avra is about to respond Marco’s other grandmother Chara cries out, overwrought with grief.  “That woman needs to learn to control her emotions!” whispers Avra in anger.

“Mother she has a right to her grief as you do. How she expresses it is her’s alone. ” Kallias says gently chiding his mother.

Avra shrugs off the statement as if her son had not said it. “Why did you even let that woman’s parents come to begin with?”

Kallias sighs heavily trying to keep the anger that has begun to brew in him down. “I had to let them come here to say goodbye.  After all I fed them the lie that their daughter had a mental breakdown over the boy’s death.”

“You mean only myself, your father, and Nikias know the truth?”

“Yes, and it is to stay that way.”

“I see.  But when I see your brother next, but she is stopped from speaking further by Kallias.

“Enough mother, focus on the burial service,” commands Kallias.

Avra wants badly to snap a retort at her son but begs off from doing so.