Defying Nature: Boy

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“Priest Fighting Devil”
Image courtesy of Ohmmy3d at


A dark haired boy with a tear streaked face and snot coming out of his nose cries heavily as an older man in black robes shouts at him in Greek – demanding the Devil be gone from his body.

On and off for days when not crying uncontrollably, the child has pleaded for his mama and papa or to be untied from the bed he lies on, stressing with each plea that he is a good boy.

Upon hearing the door behind him open, the old priest abruptly stops  shouting and turns to see Nikias, the boy’s uncle. “This exorcism is failing. All that has been happening since this process began is as before. It is exasperating.”

“Do you think Reverend Father Alexis your efforts should resume after another break?”

“No, the boy has not exhibited any dramatic changes in his facial features that his father claims he did.  And as for the demon, I doubt there is even one inside of this boy.  I suggest we stop the exorcism and free the boy.”

Nikias is quiet for several moments striving to gain control over his conflicting emotions. “As you are aware this whole matter has not been easy for me from the start.  One does not wish to hear a loved one is possessed with one of the Devil’s minion.  I wished to help my brother and his son, my nephew.

Yet as you have voiced and I concur, the boy is behaving as any normal child would.  I think therefore, to play it safe, Marcos should be transferred to our orphanage. I will write to Reverend Father Dimitris to take precautions in observing the boy while the nuns care for him.  If signs of a demon return then an exorcism can be tried again.  On the other hand, if it does not then perhaps our efforts worked but evidence of the demon’s vanquishing were simply not evident.”

“I think that is a wise choice.  And once we are certain the boy is fine he can be returned to his father. I am sure your brother will feel relief to have his son back in due time. ”

Nikias steps closer to his fellow reverend and lowers his voice dramatically before speaking again. “Reverend Father, my brother believes Marcos should have died and in Kallias’s mind his son did so. A funeral service has already taken place, which I refused to attend.”

Alexis gasps at the shocking news.  A service was held? Without a body!”

“Yes, it was  and as for what was buried in the boy’s place, I do not know nor care to know.  The church is the boy’s only option, we must raise him.”