Defying Nature:Neighborhoods

"Social Neighborhood Buildings" Image courtesy of artur84 at

“Social Neighborhood Buildings”
Image courtesy of artur84 at


Phoibe soaks her very sore feet in hot water with Epsom salt dissolved in it. After a few minutes she feels relief from her  long day walking through the surrounding neighborhoods near where her and her family live. Phoibe began these walks a little over a month ago.

Mrs. Sanna, their neighbor across the hall and two doors down, has been very accommodating watching Marcos beyond day time working hours.  She understands her distress as Mrs. Sanna too  has lost children in the past to disease.  Out of the fourteen children she bore only three have survived into adulthood and two children have families of their own.

It has been a balancing act for Phoibe to fit in her journeys around her work schedule and having the evening meal ready relatively on time. Plus she has had to keep Kallias in the dark and only a few times has she had to offer a plausible excuse for why she was not home when he expected.

Phoibe figured it would take a few days to hear reliable options that were not some snake oil medicine treatment.  Instead it took a week and then she would get let down as soon as she named consumption.  Nearly everyone has told her to trust the doctor she is using and to accept her child’s fate which only angers her, but since she is the one inquiring she has had to learn to let go these hurtful words go.

Now Phoibe feels she must stop going around the neighborhoods which will please Mrs. Sanna who is impatient with watching Marcos and who has several times now finished not only the dinner meal for her and her husband but finished Phoibe’s as well.

The only action left to her is to start asking closer to home her co-workers, select friends and family discreetly about possible treatments.  There is no way she can let her questioning reach Kallias, it would only cause a rift between them and Phoibe will not have that.  Until she finds a better treatment for Marcos, will she break to silence and tell her husband what she has been up to until then it will remain a secret.







Defying Nature: Neighborhoods