Defying Nature:Fotis

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Six years later.

Sister Anna recounts the boys in the eastern dormitory. Her frustration shows with creased brow and lips so tightly together that the middle of her top lip bumps out a little further than her bottom lip.  Four hours before she had monitored twenty-five boys getting ready for bed and then counted them again after all were in their individual beds.  All was good but now two are missing.

This cannot be happening yet again! I thought Sister Korina’s stern warning three weeks ago worked to dissuade any more boys from attempting to escape from the orphanage.  How wrong I was!

Several minutes later a search party consisting of nearby male lead household neighbors and some constabulary come together to comb the woods and surrounding areas within a few miles of the orphanage.

Meanwhile inside of the orphanage the remaining children are slowly woken up by the nun assigned to   the remaining wings northern, western, and southern. They will then interview each child and if any child provides helpful information he will be escorted to the head of security’s office, Mr. Argyris.

Hours later Sergeant Areleous is interviewing the latest boy who tried to escape. He is ten year old Fotis who has been at the orphanage since he was a baby. The kindly, prematurely gray haired sergeant has now been to the orphanage to interview the boys twice with this time being the third.

Before him now is ten year old Fotis.  His head is bowed down as he cries and occasionally he sniffles too.  Sergeant Areleous hands him a cloth handkerchief, “Here use this to wipe away your tears then blow your nose.”

The boy does as the sergeant told him to.


“Yes, thank you, sir.”

“Why did you sneak out of the orphanage?

The boy shrugs.

“Do you have bully trouble?”

The boy shrugs again.

“Please Fotis answer me,” orders the sergeant.

“I just wanted to be out of here, that is all.  I have only known the orphanage and I just wanted to know what it is like out of it.”

“That is it curiosity? You did not have to escape the orphanage to find out what it is like all you had to do was ask another boy.”

“I could not just take another kid’s word for it, I had to find out for myself.”

“So that is the reason you are sticking with? I heard there are a few thirteen year old who give frequently give you grief.”

Fotis hesitates before answering thinking over for a few moments just how much he wants to reveal.  “I told you I have no trouble with any boys here.”

“Really, you get along with every boy here? If that is true please share your secret with me my boy has trouble with a couple older boys and he could use your knowledge.”

“There is no secret, I am just lucky is all and whoever told you I get grief is fibbing.”

“I doubt very much Sister Anna and Sister Avra fibbed, Fotis.”

“Alright I do get a bit of grief now and again but that was not the reason I left.  Before I tell you, promise me  you will keep an open mind and not immediately think I am crazy,” states Fotis.

“I promise.”


Defying Nature: Fotis