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Shy kid from

Shy kid from


Dear Reverend Father Nikias,

Your nephew Marcos has come a long way in a very short time.  Two months ago when I first met him,  I believed he was normally very shy and would stay so for the foreseeable future. As you know, although he agreed to meet the boys, he had great difficulty speaking to them.   Then to my delight, maybe a couple of weeks later, he came out of his shell. I thought perhaps it was a fluke but as more days passed I have become convinced it was not. 

It is pleasing to see Marcos is no longer afraid to go up to the other boys and converse with them. There are two boys named Demetrios and Fortios, who are now his friends.  Marcos is also doing well in his classes and  often participates especially in his Beginning Grammar and Bible class.

The most delightful piece of news I wish to share came to me from his Grammar instructor Sister Aikaterine. She surprised me with the news that your nephew already knows the alphabet in full and can write it out in a neat hand and without errors.  From what you had told me before Marcos arrival, he appeared to you and his parents as having a normal intelligence. I can only guess that perhaps he hid just how intelligent he really is. 

I do want to assure you the instructors here will nurture his advanced intelligence.  And that we will do our best to keep him from feeling bored or held back from reaching his full potential.

All the best,

Sister Korina

Nikias cannot help but me filled with happiness at what he has read and at the same time he is quite surprised.  The Marcos, the Sister writes about is far different from the very shy boy he knows.  Yes, his nephew is, was, Nikias corrects himself, better around family but he was still shy and worked hard for approval when he did not have to.  And while his brother and his wife tried to get Marcos to interact with children of his own age he grew mightily upset so they never pressed the matter since he was not in school at the time. Whatever caused the turn around and the sudden surge in intelligence, Nikias cannot guess at but he is definitely very thankful his nephew is doing so well.