Defying Nature: Sister Korina

"Nun" Image courtesy of africa at

“Nun” Image courtesy of africa at


Marcos buries his face in the back of his uncle’s coat. Initially he put up a brave front after they reached the meteora’s (monastery) orphanage building. However when it came time for him to meet the head sister, Korina, fear took hold and  Marcos bolted from his uncle’s side to his back.  The boy’s face is buried in his uncle’s long coat and his hands tightly grip it at chest level.  He tries not to succumb to his uncle’s gentle words and touch on his shoulder to come out of hiding, instead he hopes if he waits long enough his uncle will take him away from here.

“Marcos you have nothing to fear from Sister Korina, she is kind, now please come out.”

“No, I will not.”

“I am afraid you have to,” says his uncle.

The boy pushes his face further into the back of his uncle’s coat and legs.


“I am sorry Uncle.”

“I forgive you Marcos but you need to consider coming out soon, you cannot hide forever behind me.”

“Yes, I can.”

“Let me try, Reverend Father,” says sister Korina.

“If you wish.”

“Marcos, let me tell you a secret, the other boys here have felt just like you now, they did not want to meet me either much less stay in the orphanage.  But things changed once each boy began to know the other boys and in time friendships developed, even with me and the other nuns.  I think it could be the same way with you too.  Would you mind if the three of us went down the hall and met some of the boys here?”

Marcos nods his head yes, then realizes hiding behind his uncle, the Nun would not have seen his nod in the affirmative, so he answers out loud, “Okay.”

“Good, but to leave this room I will need you to let go of your uncle’s coat so you can walk with us.  Of course you can still be behind him if you wish, that is until we get to the room we are going to.”

Marcos considers the nuns words, decides it makes sense and he lets go of his uncle’s coat and pulls his face away too but not enough for Sister Korina to get a good look at him or him at her.






Defying Nature: Sister Korina