Deck the Hounds: An Andy Carpenter Mystery

Deck the Hounds: An Andy Carpenter Mystery by David Rosenfelt

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Deck the Hounds: An Andy Carpenter Mystery by David Rosenfelt
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Deck the Hounds, the 18th book in the Andy Carpenter Mystery series, opens with Andy giving a homeless man money and a Petsmart gift card for his dog companion Zoey.

Not long after Andy does this the homeless man gets attacked. Naturally, Carpenter fears for the homeless man and his dog. What he does not expect to see is both fight back and successfully too.

And because of the bravery by man and dog, Andy decides to bring them both home with him.

Then at Charlie’s, while hanging out with cop Pete Stanton and newspaperman Vince, Andy gets asked what the homeless man’s name is by Vince. Not seeing harm in this, Andy tells him Dan Carrigan.

The next thing Andy and Laurie know Pete comes to their home to arrest the Dan for murder. Turning to Google, the pair find out he is a suspect in the two year old murder of a wealthy supermarket magnet, Steven McMaster.

Already feeling guilty for getting Dan arrested, Andy decides to question him about McMaster. The only catch Dan does not know who McMaster is nor does he know about his murder. Andy believes Dan from his demeanor and words so Andy tells Dan he will be his lawyer.

As with previous Carpenter mysteries, Rosenfelt injects a lot of wise ass humor and charm to lighten up what in other writer’s hands could turn into a dark story.   These two elements keep me coming back to read more about Andy, his wife and son Ricky plus those in his professional life.   

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