DC Universe Movie: Batman Gotham by Gaslight

I have the DC Universe application/channel through Roku. I chose the channel to watch the first episode of Doom Patrol. After doing so and getting hooked on it, I chose to check out other series and movies.

One of the movies, I have seen is 2018’s Batman: Gotham by Gaslight that brings Jack the Ripper from Victorian Era England to Gotham.

Bruce Greenwood provides the voice of Batman/Bruce Wayne and he ties in my mind with Kevin Conroy as my favorite voice of the cape crusader.

In this world, Bruce Wayne grew up with the aid of nuns after his parents brutal murder. And he became one of the scions of society who has helped Gotham create its own World’s Fair with the hope it will help transform the city for the better.

Other DC character’s in the film include Selina Kyle who is a stage performer and advocate for street kids; Harvey Dent, Hugo Strange, Alfred Pennyworth, James Gordon, and Barbara Gordon.

And as the fair draws near, a series of gruesome deaths of women, shocks the city. Batman of course wants to investigate and he tries to get Gordon to not only trust him but also allow him to aid the police in catching the murderer Jack the Ripper.

It’s a good film and I liked the Elseworld feel of the film a lot. However, when it came to the reveal of Jack’s identity, I felt let down. The film’s writers did not flesh out nearly enough the character’s twisted mind and motives for his gruesome crimes. So in the end this movie for me is neither good nor bad, just okay.

DC Universe Movie: Gotham by Gaslight
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