Daniel Pitt in Triple Jeopardy by Anne Perry

Daniel Pitt in Triple Jeopardy by Anne Perry

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Daniel Pitt in Triple Jeopardy
by Anne Perry

Daniel Pitt’s sister Jemina  returns to London from the United States with husband Patrick and their two young children for a long family visit.

Unlike their parents, Thomas and Charlotte, this will be Daniel’s first time meeting his sister’s family. At the time of her wedding, he was unable to attend due to law school obligations.

Great though the visit is, Jemina and Patrick have another reason for coming to London. A friend of theirs Rebecca Thorwood was assaulted in her New York home.

The suspect Philip Sydney, a British diplomat, used diplomatic immunity to sail home and escape arrest.

However, Sydney soon gets apprehended for stealing funds through is job to cover gambling debts.  Jemina and Patrick along with their friend’s parents want Rebecca’s assault to come out at trial. And the person they hope can help achieve this is Daniel by being Sydney’s defense lawyer.

I read the first book in this new series Twenty-One Days and I felt the book drag until close to the end when things took a dramatic turn for the better.

Triple Jeopardy too goes at a slow pace but I do not find it harmful to the story and in fact it makes it more riveting. Perry explores the conflict in Daniel and Jemina over Sydney’s case and whether their motives for seeing justice are really pure. I think this tact makes the book better and stronger.

Daniel Pitt in Triple Jeopardy by Anne Perry
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