Connections: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Ep 8

Connections: Disney Gallery
Mandalorian Doc Episode 8
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Connections: Disney Gallery
Mandalorian Doc Episode 8
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Connections closes the Disney Gallery look at the development and creation of the Mandalorian series.

From the first episode everyone who is part of the show has mentioned how important it is for them to honor the past history of Star Wars while building a new franchise with the Mandalorian.

This remains consistent all the way through to this last episode. For example, the discontented x-wing fighters from the original trilogy get a show of honor when episode directors Debra Chow, Rick Famuyiwa, and Dave Filoni play their own versions in the Mandalorian.

Then there are the robotic like IG-88 who gets a nod with the character of IG-11 as well as aliens like Burg, a red skinned mercenary with large horns too honors a similar character from Star Wars history.

And one last set of characters I will mention are the Storm Troopers. The 501st Legion, organization consisting of Star Wars fans, who dedicate themselves to bringing the Storm Troopers to life, got the call to participate in the Mandalorian too.

I found this last episode very entertaining and like it a lot. I can’t say I felt the same about all the previous episodes. Some matched it but others of them missed the mark with me. I think for me this is due to the series being broken up into eight episodes rather than being weaved into one piece.

Connections: Disney Gallery Star Wars The Mandalorian Documentary Ep 8
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