Collateral (Four Episode TV Mini Series)

Collateral - four episode tv mini series

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Collateral, a four episode mini series now on Netflix.   The focus of the series a pizza delivery man dies by gun shot outside of a customer’s apartment building.

The detective in charge of the case,  DI Kip Glaspie has a this his death goes past being a hate crime.  The DI proves right it relates to how he came to England and the people who brought him and his sisters there.

This is a very good series and the title refers to more than just the victim and his family.  Also,the mini series does offer thoughts on immigration but not to the point it distracts from the main focus on the series.   Lastly, as to the main story line and the minor ones, each gets a conclusion that I found fitting.  I am not sure there is a way to take this miniseries and use it to launch more reasons, I think its a good thing.

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