CBS All Access App program Star Trek Picard

CBS All Access App program Star Trek Picard

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CBS All Access App program Star Trek Picard
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When CBS began their All Access app, they jump started it with a new Star Trek series Discovery. I was not much interested and passed but when I read on entertainment websites that they were going to bring back Patrick Steward as Picard — this got my interest.

When we see Picard for the first time in years, he is a retired Admiral living on his family’s vineyard with a small staff and his dog Number One.

His life on the vineyard is sedate but when he sleeps or daydreams he sees Data. The first instance a game of poker and later at his vineyard painting and Data offering him the brush to finish it. Picard is not only still sad over the loss of Data but also over how his career ended with Star Fleet.

Years ago, the Romulan empire was under threat from a supernova and Picard got put in charge of an armada to get them out of harms way. However, when Mars came under attack, the rescue gets called off. Not happy with this decision Picard retires from Star Fleet.

Now years later a young woman shakes up his life. Her name is DAHJ. When we met her, she is having a lovely evening with her boyfriend when suddenly masked men break into their apartment and kill him. Then they go after DAHJ and put a hood on her head. This turns to be a grave mistake. Suddenly she becomes a one woman fighting machine easily defeating the masked men.

Afterwards DAHJ tries and succeeds in finding Picard. She seeks him out because she has visions of the former captain and has a deep sense, she does not know how, that she can trust him implicitly.

As the episode progresses, Picard goes back to Star Fleet to his personal room in an archive. He wants to look for a painting Data did. Upon seeing it and talking to a scientist Picard puts the pieces together in his mind that DAHJ could be a human synthetic. And more importantly she could have a piece of Data as part of her programming.

Further Picard says at one point that Data had always wanted a daughter. I thought this true and checked with a Google search. My memory turns out to be right. Data did make a child Lal who appeared in Season 3 Episode 16. If you want to read about it click here. The article is from

Getting familiar again with Star Trek feels good. The last show I tuned into was Enterprise and as for movies Star Trek Insurrection. (Not counting the first reboot film. I am only counting to STNG cast since I did not see the second reboot film.)

It will be interesting to see how the program continues and whether Picard can not only find DAHL’s sister but also protect her as well.

CBS All Access App Program Star Trek Picard
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