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Welcome to Ruminate Central!  The section of my website where I share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, lessons learned, and more. And sometimes I will take a break from my ruminations and post a short story series.

Learning A Craft To Keep Alive Memories of Mom Doing Crafts

For years I have noticed different colored spools of yarn at my parent’s house. As I grew up my Mom knitted or worked on needle point in her spare time. As I have viewed those spools and a half-finished, red sweater tucked in a basket next to the television, I have thought it would be […]

Wrong About Black Cats & Vampires

      For centuries, black cats have played a major role in folklore, superstition and mythology. In particular, in the Middle Ages they were believed to be witches’ familiars, and some people even believed them to be witches incarnate. Many old superstitions about black cats exist to this day, including the widely known superstition […]

A Writing Blog Tour

Two weeks ago I was asked by author Simon Canton to be part of A Writing Blog Tour. It has taken place for quite some time and many people have picked up and passed the baton. They include, to name a few, Antonia Lindsay: and Anthony Burt:, and: Dave Higgins I felt […]

I’m In It for the Long Haul: No Stopping Me

Quote: “I am in this for the long haul. My book and I are going the distance.” Over the course of 21 days, I posted on Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Google+ that my book Switching Stations, Switching Stories was available for free download on in exchange for a review. I had hoped users either […]

Building My Social Media Connections on Twitter

A surprising and pleasant thing started happening on Twitter. Whenever I would go through their suggestions for who to follow I would sometimes come across a site that helps authors get the word out on just their website. (This is different from BookBuzz,net which I chose to use for mass book promotion and more.) Or […]

The Unforeseen in Publishing & Book Promotion: Learning Experiences

I have shared important learning experiences in three prior blog posts titled “The Unforeseen in Publishing and Book Promotion.” I am pleased to report StoryCartel got in touch on April 9th and approved the Mobi file. I then had to sign into my StoryCartel account and clicked launch. Later on the same day, on Twitter, […]

The Unforeseen in Publishing and Book Promotion: A Mobi File is Born

It may not seem like it but good things start coming my way… Last week’s post I shared that I had heard from Simon Cantan and Dave Higgins offering their help to create a Mobi file. Simon was up first. While I waited for Simon’s next response about the Rich Text File, I decided to […]

My Fond Memories of Easter

My earliest memories of Easter are of Dad buying extra eggs and the buy of dye kits with the dissolvable color tablets and wire egg holder. He would then gather my older brother and me into the kitchen to do Easter eggs. Some eggs were left plain for the plastic decals that got shrunk onto […]

The Unforeseen with Book Publishing and Promotion Part 1

When I was uploading my vampire manuscript, “Switching Stations, Switching Stories” to Create Space, I had no idea that a series of unforeseen events would occur. I was on my laptop, hands on the keyboard, waiting for Create Space to review my vampire manuscript. After several minutes up pops a notification of two problems. I […]

Writing A New Vampire Manuscript and Doing Research

Last summer I wrote an outline for my second vampire manuscript and then ignored it until January when I started writing it again. I stopped six days later when I looked for then hired an editor for my first vampire manuscript. I did get back to the second manuscript until a majority of the editing […]

Social Media and Me

On social media an endless list of companies, independent sellers, artists, writers and athletes all vie for an audience to plus, like, tweet, pin, Instagram, share a video, etc. hoping that a social media reader who follows them will spread the word that this social media site is cool. These social media companies also want […]

Building My Blog A Range of Emotions

These past 22 days I have been building a blog called to promote my soon to be published vampire book, “Switching Stations, Switching Stories.” I began on February 24th and had the blog live by the end of February. This did not include setting up search engine optimization or web master tools, which I […]

Legendary Author Battle Story Video No. 7

    I am part of a group on Google+ called Legendary Author Battle.  It is a fun group where two authors collaborate on a story together, read and record it,  then put up a video on You tube. I collaborated with author and group owner/monitor Simon Cantan.  I hope you enjoy the following story. […]

My Manuscript is Nearly An Adult: I am Holding Back The Tears

As I approach publication of “Switching Stations, Switching Stories”, I am aware the editing process is not quite over. Yes, I know I have gone through the manuscript dozens of times prior to paying a professional editor. In February we worked along side each other passing the manuscript back and forth via e-mail every two […]

Don’t Knock the Rough Draft Process

I groaned whenever the English teacher told our class we had to do rough drafts before completing a writing assignment. I hated writing a rough draft which is the bare bones of a story. My English teachers told my class and I the rough draft would help us know if we had a complete story […]

Vampire Book Really?

While growing up in New Jersey and Indiana (where I now live), I read a huge list of books from the public libraries. If one could get access that book list, they would see that of all the genres, those about vampires would be a small number of what I have read. I always imagined […]