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Welcome to Ruminate Central!  The section of my website where I share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, lessons learned, and more. And sometimes I will take a break from my ruminations and post a short story series.

Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score: A Netflix Tennis Doc

Former Argentine tennis player Guillermo Vilas has an impressive career. He has a lengthy record including 951 wins and 297 loses, won 62 titles including four Grand Prix and a Masters. Yet through out his career one goal Vilas sought more than all the others: to have the number one rank in the world of […]

Dave Filoni – The Jedi: Mandalorian Ep 5 Season 2

Dave Filoni writes and directs The Jedi, episode five in season two of the Mandalorian. We got a view of Ahsoka Tano in The Heiress and here the viewer gets to see her as a bad-ass Jedi fighter. I am familiar with Ahsoka Tano from two Youtubers I watch John Campea and Key Issues with […]

The Heiress: Mandalorian Chapter 11

In the episode the Heiress the Frog Lady reaches her destination and reunites with her husband. Next he lets Mando know how he can locate other Mandalorian. So while workers try to to make his ship able to fly again, he takes to an ocean vessel to head to the location told to him. However, […]

The Marshal & The Passenger: Mandalorian S2

The Marshal opens with Din Djarin arriving to a sporting even hoping to get information on others of his kind from Gor Koresh (voice by John Leguizamo) but Koresh refuses. A fight ensues and by the end of it  Din Djarin  is told to go to the Outer Rim.. However, when Din Djarin  reaches the Outer Rim Cobb […]

Adjusting and Adapting: A New Round

Adjusting and adapting I seem to be doing a new round of it. Now that my Mom has been in long term care for a while, our Dad has chosen to move into a smaller apartment. He has been going through the things he and my Mom have and has been sorting, donating, and giving […]

What is a Bib Style Necklace and is My Necklace One?

In the mid 2000s my late maternal grandfather gave me a necklace full of style. It has a Sterling silver chain necklace with large faceted rock crystals. At the time I did research online and found out the style or type of necklace it is but the answer did not stay with me. A couple […]

Radical Monarchs: The Group Alternative to Girl Scouts

While checking for Just Added videos on the PBS app I found the POV documentary Radical Monarchs. In 2014, Marilyn Hollinquest and Anayvette Martinez began a socially driven organization in Oakland, California known as the Radical Monarchs.   It is an alternative group to the Girl Scouts.  Instead of focusing on earning badges in leadership or theater, this group go in […]

A Good and Weird Two Days in July

The last two days have been both good and weird. How did it get here …. for the last 7 years my Mom has progressed from a mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease. And over this same time period, a rotation of caregivers have helped her and my Dad out. Until April and the shut […]

I am doing the Walk to End ALZ 2020

I am doing the The Walk to End Alzheimer’s again this year . It is currently scheduled for September. Of course the date could change due to Covid-19 but fingers crossed it can happen even if all of us have to wear masks. I have a maternal grandmother and great aunt who died from the […]

The Rise of Skywalker: Closing a Saga

The Rise of Skywalker film made me smile in several areas and the coolest scenes I think are Kylo Ren fighting his way in a forest and later a scene with his father, as a Force ghost. I do agree with some of the issues people have with the film. These include: 1. The stadium […]

Connections: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Ep 8

Connections closes the Disney Gallery look at the development and creation of the Mandalorian series. From the first episode everyone who is part of the show has mentioned how important it is for them to honor the past history of Star Wars while building a new franchise with the Mandalorian. This remains consistent all the […]

Score: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 7

The Score is the focus of episode seven of Disney Gallery. The viewer meets Ludwig Göransson who has composed music for Black Panther (2018), Creed (2015) and Creed II (2018). To begin his work Göransson made an order for various recorders. He would play them along with guitars, and piano to piece together music for […]

Process: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 6

Process, episode six of the Mandalorian documentary is short at about 18 and a half minutes. Technology talk is back this time it is used to create story boards. The characters of Mandalorian get drawn and a computer animates it. This is known as pre vis (pre-visualization). This allows all involved in the show to […]

Practical: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 5

Practical like Legacy episode two of Disney Gallery turns to the past to build the world of the Mandalorian and to honor early Star Wars. And like episode two it is a combination of old and new. What gets combined is robotics, prosthetic make up, four puppeteers and sometimes a person working together to make a character come to […]

Technology: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 4

Technology from the making of the Jungle Book and the Lion King (animation, virtual reality, animation, and set pieces) came together to create the world of the Mandalorian. Not in the same way but it does build on the world George Lucas made when he did the original Star Wars films. On the Mandalorian a […]

Cast: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 3

The third episode is the one I was waiting for with an exception I will mention later on. Some of the cast appears: Carl Weathers, Pedro Pascal, and Gina Carano sitting at the table with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni. Also directors Debra Chow, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Rick Famuyiwa appear in clips. They talk […]

Legacy: Disney Gallery – Mandalorian Documentary Ep 2

The focus of Disney Gallery episode 2 of the Mandalorian documentary did not shed more light on the the show but instead was all about the Star Wars legacy. And the round table is back again with the one common person being Jon Favreau. In the first round John Knoll, ILM effects supervisor; Kathleen Kennedy, […]

Disney Gallery: Directors: The Mandalorian Documentary

Disney chose to go back and do a documentary on the hit show The Mandalorian. The first episode focuses on the directors. They include writer and producer Jon Favreau. Dave Filoni, Taika Waititi (he is in the cast too), Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow, and Bryce Dallas Howard sitting around a table. One of our first […]

Dungeons and Dragons: Online Game and Discord Game

A few weeks ago while listening to John Campea ( He talks about television and films five or six days a week on on You-tube) mentions playing D&D with is wife. I thought given how long the online hidden object game I play is taking to update, this is a good time to get back […]

Walk to End Alzheimers: For The Past, Today & the Future

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is not a new event to me. One of my Uncles who lives in Newport Beach, has participated in it for years. And I have a maternal grandmother and great aunt who died from the disease. On July 31st, my Mom’s neurologist changed her diagnosis from a cognitive impairment to […]

Hulk: A Marvel Favorite Character of Mine

The title of this post says it all I love Hulk and all his Dr. Jekyl/Hyde and Frankenstein wrapped into one. This love began with the series The Incredible Hulk with Ferrigno and Bixby. Hulk comes out when Banner gets angry, stresses, feels danger or wants to make Banner go away. At first I would […]

Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

This year my Dad kindly told me to get out of the office and meet other professionals in the insurance and health care world. He said not all insurance agents sell to the senior market so it is important to know who sells insurance products we do not. Further, clients ask do you know a […]

California, Here I Come Again For Rest and Relaxation

Ten years ago I went to California and saw Joshua Tree, Catalina Island, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, and a few more towns. Fast forward to last summer and I chose to go back to California to see my Uncle again. I did not bring Dory and Hastings with me on this trip instead I […]

Beauty and the Beast at Buskirk Chumley Theater

Yesterday my family took my niece to see Beauty and the Beast at Buskirk Chumley Theater in downtown Bloomington, Indiana. As I sat with my niece and family I saw a few girls wearing Belle like dresses including her jewels from the closing scene. A few minutes later the play began and I took to the set pieces […]

Rock in the Red Zone written & directed by Lauren Bialis

Rock in the Red Zone is an intimate look at the Israeli city of Sderot near the Gaza Strip.  It’s a town that frequently has Qassams (flying pipe bombs) hitting its streets.  The impact of this almost daily barrage has hurt the town economically and leaves permanent physiological scars on its citizens. Yet despite all […]

The Power of Grayskull

The Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-man and the Masters of the Universe begins around the time George Lucas began to shop his idea of toys to go with his first Star Wars film.   Mattel passed and regretted it when the movie, its sequels, and toy line became massive hits. So Mattel asked […]

2 New Manuscripts & Books: Coming Soon (Revised)

Inspiration swoops in sometimes in the most unexpected of moments.  Such a moment took place a little over two months ago.  I was scanning printed stories I have kept since middle and high school to my current computer.  I have the discs I saved them on unfortunately I do not have the older software to […]

Assault Stories: Everyone Needs to Listen Including DC

Assault for anyone including sadly myself is a touchy subject.   Years ago at age four maybe five a child double my age sexually assaulted me.  It left lasting scars just as it has for many others who sadly went through a similar assault themselves. The most recent assault case this causes me to write this […]

Hastings and Dory: Rumination Central Part 2

  Hasting and Dory have continued to bond and have become best friends.  Each likes to play with the other ie chase the yarn on a green pole, wrestle, or chase down the hall and around other parts of the house.  Each cat has a weak bite,and if things get rough one of them will […]

Dory and Hastings: Two Adopted Siblings

  My cat Dory took her time adjusting to a new home after leaving the town shelter back in July.   She has over two months adjusted quite well but there were times at night when she would made a yowl sound; longing for a buddy. It felt like the time she first entered our house and Dory went […]

Off to West Palm Beach Florida with my Cat

  The last time I went off on vacation out of state was to Springfield, Illinois in 2013.   I almost chose not to go because my Mom was in the hospital fighting Guillain Barre Syndrome.   However, my Dad insisted my staying would not make my Mom’s recovery go any faster and to go on my vacation.  I stopped arguing […]

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

  PBS’s Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story looks at the life of this actress who was much more than a beautiful face.  And I saw her in such films as The Conspirators and Samson and Delilah.   I still think she is one of the greatest actress of the past and still holds up in the present.   Besides being […]

Me Poems and Life Surprises

  I used to write Me Poems or statements about my life.   I have not considered writing any new ones but I’d like to write a few thoughts along the same lines.   The family jewelry business shall close with in the next couple months.  Life is full of surprises. My own included. In my last […]

Dealt – a documentary about card magician Richard Turner

  Dealt is an in depth profile of card magician Richard Turner.  Although after watching this documentary, I have to write that I think Turner has accomplished a lot in his life.   He not just  a master of the cards. Turner has also done tight rope walking, rock climbing,gotten a black belt in karate and […]

Mercury 13: A Netflix Documentary

Mercury 13, a Neflix documentary film,  tells the true story of a group of women who took part in astronaut testing at the same time men were going through the same thing.  Dr. Randy Lovelace conducted the tests on both groups and the portion with the women got funding from wealthy heiress and pilot Jacqueline […]

Maigret TV Series based on books by George Simenon

    Maigret is the name of a fictional detective in books by George Simenon. He was a prolific author and his series starring Jules Maigret was the post popular of the hundreds of novels he published. I first came upon Maigret portrayed by Bruno Cremer, who like the current actor portraying him Rowan Atkinson, […]

Meru & It’s Shark Fin: The Ultimate Rock Wall

  Meru is a very large mountain in Northern India that has a feature called the Shark’s Fin.   Professional climbers who have tried conquer this rock wall have to change climbing styles as he or she goes higher up the mountain.   Not only is this very challenging but the Shark’s Fin itself consists of snow, […]

Hostages, Documentary Film on Netflix

Hostages, an informative documentary on Netflix.  This is not a review of it.  Before watching this I had no idea Japan and Peru shared any history.  It turns out Japanese immigrated to Peru at the turn of the last century to work as contract laborers. As the years went by they began to prosper more […]

In Search of Israeli Cuisine – a doc film by Roger Sherman

  Before I saw In Search of Israeli Cuisine on Netflix, I thought their cuisine likely had deep roots in Western Europe.  Within the first two minutes the notion gets blown out of the water.  Zahav chef Michael Solomonov enters a Yeminite grill in Tel Aviv and makes his order.   A few minutes later I see […]

Williams: the story of 1 of Formula 1’s celebrated families

Williams tells the story of one of Forumula One’s most celebrated families.  Frank Williams, a car enthusiast entered the world of auto racing selling car parts & then built and rebuilt racing cars.  He raced himself and not just on the track, off too – always trying to beat his last drive time.  Eventually Frank began […]

Serpents Rising: A Cullen & Cobb Mystery Book 1

Serpents Rising, a Cullen and Cobb mystery, introduces the reader to journalist Adam Cullen who wife Donna died at the hands of an arsonist the police are unable solve her death.  So he turns to private investigator Mike Cobb but he too becomes stuck.  Fast forward seven years later Cobb re-enters Cullen’s life. He wants […]

An Adventure in Space and Time: The Origins of Dr. Who

  An Adventure in Space and Time (2013) – an interesting title of a film I saw on BritBox.  I became curious and read the description-of  the film, It turns out to be about the origins of the long time series Dr. Who.  Being curious I chose to watch it and find out about the […]

Time of Death & BBC Crime Series In the Dark

  Time of Death, a DI Tom Thorne novel, is one of two books, by Mark Billingham, adapted for the BBC crime series In the Dark which uses the same name as the second source book.  When I first heard about In the Dark it was through an e-mail from Britbox, a streaming service I use […]

Berlin Red: An Inspector Pekkala Novel of Suspence

      Berlin Red, it is not a mystery as with the previous Inspector Pekkala novels. Instead it tells of the last days leading to Germany’s defeat in WWII. Hitler demands radio broadcasts by a Der Chef stop immediately.  It is not so much that Der Chef’s airs accurate gossip, that does not trouble […]

Tile: Bluetooth Tracker

 The above video, is from TheTileApp on YouTube.   My parents bought a new app/tablet device, known as The Tile.  They got it to help them keep track of their, keys, purses, wallets, and anything else of importance. I went On-line to  learn all about this new device and how the it works.  The Tile, […]

I am Physically Tired but Making It: Yippee!

  Physically tired that is me this right now. Last week my employee and I ramped up our efforts to ready Cliptomania for moving day which was Monday May 22nd.   We downsized inventory to fit on fewer shelves; figured out what furniture we are taking; and boxed up inventory, office supplies etc.  The furniture we took […]

My Parents: Moving Fast

    See the fast sports car above, that is how fast I feel my parents have gone since “My Mother” post.   In less than a week my parents signed a lease for an apartment at Meadowwood, a retirement community located near IU University’s cyclotron.  A few days later my Dad and I look at three office spaces; […]

Keeping “the Boat” Steady

  I remember years ago writing Me Poems about changes in myself whether personality, looks or something else.  I have always been cool about that as long as I do not “rock the boat.”  Silly really to have ever thought this since I like keeping the status quo.   Take work for instance, my family’s […]

Changing Web Hosting: My Mistakes and Lessons Learned

  I made a choice to move my site’s domain and hosting from company X.  (I will not name the company.) The new home I picked is with  I followed the instructions to do a transfer except for one step. I never set up domain privacy for my url with X so I chose to […] – New Menu’s menu has changed thanks to who fixed my menu mistakes after I failed to do this myself.   Alongside Ruminations, I now have Christy’s Reviews and Christy’s Short Stories.   I have moved the affected posts over to the proper new section. In the process of moving  these posts to their new home, […]

Electric Mower: Mini Saga

  The yard around my house is  flat except for a slight slope in the front close to the curb and street.  Cutting the grass using a reel mower, one without an engine, took an hour and a half. This changed in August  when I found the cutting time increase by an extra half to […]

Reflecting on Halloween

As a kid, when October approached my thoughts would drift away from course work at school to what will I dress up as for Halloween.  I took inspiration from the cartoons I watched, my toys, and family vacations. Not long after visiting Williamsburg, I begged my Mom to make me colonial dress for Halloween and […]

Upcoming Writing Projects

  Now that  my “Defying Nature” posts have finished, I thought I would give an update on my writing projects.  I have decided to put aside “The Keeper”, my abduction story. In its place I will rework parts of “Defying Nature”, add new sections to the story and maybe change the ending. Once my work […]

Study, Study, Study

  My Dad has long had dreams of one of his children taking over his insurance business when he wants to stop working.  Only thing was neither my brother nor I felt insurance was our calling.  Yet Dad kept hoping one of us would change our mind.  A month ago I changed my mind. My […]

Christmas Giving Small But “Big”

  I have noticed a trend in recent Christmas seasons: less and less family members want tangible gifts. Instead they want the gift of being together for the holidays or to receive a phone call Christmas Day. (This applies to family living on the west and east coast.) My brother was the first one to […]

A Train Visit to Remember

    On Saturday I drove over four hours to Hammond, Indiana to see a replica of the train that carried President Lincoln’s body and his son Willie’s across the United States.  (The original train burned in 1911.) Normally I would avoid such a trip because I have a poor back. But the more I thought about […]

Paid Promotions – Working??

  Lately I am been thinking about the paid promotions I have done this month to figure out which worked and which didn’t.  So far I have tried promotions through, and  The promotions were done more than a week a part so I could adequately see if they produced results. Unfortunately the first didn’t […]

New Manuscript : a new challenge

It has been a while since I have spoken about the new manuscript I am working on.  The last time I mentioned it was in an interview coordinated by Enchanted Book Promotions .  I do admit in this interview, which you can read here, I was vague about my manuscript.  At the time I wasn’t sure if I would […]

Online Book Tour: The Interviews

    As many of you may already know, I am doing a book tour online with Enchanted Book Promotions. As part of the tour I had to answer several interview questions from various bloggers. These interviews began to be posted online on June 25th. Here is the link to my spotlight page on for […]

Text Messaging – A New Frontier

  Until recently I never thought about learning to text on my cell phone. I see my friends and family often enough I can just tell them what I want in person. Then last week my parents went on vacation to South America. They will be visiting several countries including Brazil, Argentina and Chile. My […]

Count Down Time – Between Two Worlds

      My second book, Between Two Worlds, has come a long way. It has been reshaped and molded for a broader audience. It is also drastically different from the first book I published.  It’s theme is time travel and it is semi-autobiographical. Between Two Worlds focuses on Rebecca Harrison, a university graduate student […]

BTW & Exciting Times!!

    I am excited about my upcoming book titled “Between Two Worlds,” a short story about a university student who suffers a tragic accident sending her not only back in time but across states too. The story started to form in my head in the summer of 2014 right after I finished watching the […]

Am I Smarter Because of The Internet?

    An NPR article titled “Searching Online May Make You Think You Are Smarter Than You Are” focuses on a study a doctoral student in psychology did at Yale. The purpose of the study was to measure participants’ knowledge. The questions asked about their personal knowledge and if Internet searches added to what he […]

One Year Mark: Reflecting Back On 1st Book

    It is now a year since I published Switching Stations, Switching Stories and – with a second manuscript in the hands of a professional proofreader – I am reflecting back on my experiences. I thought when I joined Google Plus writing communities and made connections with fellow writers I was getting a real […] – Clothing & Accessories Site

      One day in January, I saw a promoted ad on Twitter for  Intrigued, I clicked on the ad, and immediately found out it is a clothing and accessories site for women. Sorry men!  Reading further on the website I learned they would send five items of clothing or accessories hand-picked by stylists […]

Something is Missing as Christmas Approaches

  It is two days before Christmas .  The inside and outside of the house are looking festive. My shopping is complete. The items are ready to wrap except for three gifts that are donations I made in someone’s honor to a charity. The recipients will get an e-mail or letter notifying them of my gift.22 […]

Ah December!

       Ah December, when the lion of winter arrives in force and holiday giddiness goes into hyper drive.  And no matter the genre, radio stations across the United States play holiday music.        Decorative lights are hung from gutters on homes and garages and on outdoor trees.  Some people inflate balloons […]

We had such a short time together…

  I had a lot of fun writing my time travel piece and posting it on my blog during the last three months! It was a relief not to have answering the question “What topic will I write next for my blog?” However, by the time I began posting the third and final act of […]

Snickelfritz — A Bath Survivor

    My parents have a cat named Snickelfritz. He has long legs and black and white fur that forms a Zorro like maskon his face. Snickelfritz is not a fighter; instead he is quite the feline gentleman. He is well loved and is allowed to go most places in my parent’s home. Recently, he […]

Driver-less Cars

Google, BMW and Audi are developing driver-less cars. These vehicles will have extremely complex programming to ensure that everything “under the sun” is taken into account to prevent accidents on the road. These cars are being tested now. Initially I thought this would be great. I sometimes develop horrible back pain during the work day […]