Christy’s Short Stories

Rewrite: If I Could Have Three Wishes

This is a rewrite of a short story I wrote thirty years ago. If I got to have three wishes, I wouldn’t wish for rubies, diamonds, or lots of money. My first wish to have a photo taken with right fielder Darryl Strawberry of the New York Mets. What about the remaining wishes? Let me […]

Nighttime Break in & Sly’s Cat Game in a Girl’s Bedroom

I walk down a sidewalk past many stores not far from my home. The air feels cool against me as it blows gently in a breeze. Clearing the stores I come to a reservation I have been to a thousand times. The surroundings all around me are spectacular as I walk through a cleared path […]

Story Time Warp: If I had Three Wishes

  If a genie from a lamp offered me three wishes, I wouldn’t wish for lots of money.  I’d wish for something really neat like having my picture taken with my favorite New York Mets player, right fielder Darryl Strawberry .  Or being successful like my Dad who is an insurance agent or being less […]

Little Red Riding Hood: Wolf

    “My rights got violated not once but twice,” sputters a wolf his eyes ablaze. “My rights got violated not one but twice. You have to help me get these bastards! “Sir I would like to help you, but I need you to get your emotions under better control first, please take some deep breaths […]

Hanzel and Gretal: The Witch’s Side

    My plan was perfect I’d target the sweet tooth of a child with the aroma of candy and gingerbread cake.  A combination a kid with an empty or full stomach can’t resist.   And all unsuspecting of his or her fate to become part of my gingerbread and candy house. It is easy for me to […]

Meeting King Richard III

  Meeting King Richard III…in the afterlife A gentleman with neatly trimmed black hair and circle beard; wearing a tailored dark gray suite with faint light grey stripes steps out of thick fog to greet what he believes is another “Richard III enthusiast.” Until the twentieth century he rarely dealt with anyone and then Richard’s […]

Lily & The Lion :Anti Fairy Tale

  My name is Lily and I am here to tell you the fairy tale life is terrible. Here is why, years  ago when I was a young, around the holidays my Father, a wealthy merchant asked my sisters and I what gifts we wanted. My Father easily obtained the diamonds and the pearls  for […]


  Solution: Part 3 of Radio Waves A 191 days later Othi Xouqphon and his sister Baitair Dang stare at an illuminated light bulb, an ancient device, adopted by their Kind as one of the symbols for solution.  Within moments the light bulb disappears. In its place appears a black square with a round blue and silver-colored button. […]

Breakthrough: Part 2 of Radio Waves

  221 days later – A breakthrough   Othi Xouqphon is lost in thought when suddenly a musical scale fills the Still Liquid around him.  It comes from an application in his laptop computer that he uses to receive e-mail messages.  Othi Xouqphon scrambles to located it in the Still Liquid.  His Quantum computer is […]

Radio Waves

  An electromagnetic waves oscillate in front of scientist and technician Othi Xouphon’ eyes. A repeated pattern of high and low pressure that emits a hissing and static sounds.  Only instead of creating  images that Othi Xouqfon and his Kind can understand these sound waves remain as they are. However, this does not mean Othi Xouqfon  […]

Friendship: Kittens & Their Antics

  Dear Liam, I think it is very admirable of you to encourage your brother by changing your eating and life style habits with him.   I know from when I had to change my diet because of diabetes, it was tough but eventually it got easier and easier.  Now it is second nature.  So too […]

Friendship: Changes

  Dear Bonnie, Thank you for the kind words,  I really appreciated them. My brother came home from the hospital on Saturday and is trying to adjust to his new diet that does not include simple starches, salt and fatty foods. His whole life he has disliked eating fruit and vegetables. For a time he […]

Friendship: New Kittens and a Parade

Dear Liam, I am sorry to read about your brother. My thoughts and prayers are with him,  you and the rest of your family.   I can understand the shock you all are in to find out about a hidden illness.   While this is not much at least the TIAs are known about now and changes […]

Friendship:Lincoln Trip

  Dear Liam, You’re right I am SO looking forward to my trip.  These last few weeks have been hectic!   It will feel great to visit Springfield and re-experience all things Lincoln.   Among the things I will do is visit a natural history museum and a house that belonged to an artist and poet, neither […]

Friendship: Dear Bonnie

  Dear Bonnie, Gee whiz you made me all misty eyed! The feeling is mutual of course.  And yes we WILL go another fifteen years and beyond that.  Easily! My sister and her husband, who as you know came for my birthday, are staying on for Mom’s birthday this coming Sunday. We’re planning to take […]


  Dear Liam, Can you believe it, today marks our 15th year writing to each other! I remember searching the Internet looking for a site to gain a pen pal and found a website called Friendship.   I checked out different profiles not expecting much then I see your smiling face. You were wearing a […]

Defying Nature: Marika

  How could she have been so wrong about Marcos?  When she met him, he seemed liked just the kind of  man she wanted to get to know more.  He appeared honest, very intelligent, well-educated, and a respected doctor not to mention quite handsome.  After their second meeting, she made discreet inquiries through her father, […]

Defying Nature: Gavril

  Terror grips Marcos just as it did years before when Reverend Father Alexis shouted at him in Greek demanding a demon leave the boy’s body. Only this time it is Reverend Father Dimitrous. A few days before the boy’s was in police custody after his failed attempt to subdue Gavril and do another “miracle […]

Defying Nature : The Demon

Reverend Father Dimitris sits ashen faced and stunned across from Sergeant Areleous. Six years earlier he thought Reverend Father Nikias’s concern over a demon inhabiting his nephew was far-fetched especially after meeting the shy, respectful boy himself.  So he disregarded the request made to him to discreetly watch the boy for signs of a demon.  […]

Defying Nature:Fotis

  Six years later. Sister Anna recounts the boys in the eastern dormitory. Her frustration shows with creased brow and lips so tightly together that the middle of her top lip bumps out a little further than her bottom lip.  Four hours before she had monitored twenty-five boys getting ready for bed and then counted […]

Defying Nature Shy No More

  Dear Reverend Father Nikias, Your nephew Marcos has come a long way in a very short time.  Two months ago when I first met him,  I believed he was normally very shy and would stay so for the foreseeable future. As you know, although he agreed to meet the boys, he had great difficulty […]

Defying Nature: Sister Korina

  Marcos buries his face in the back of his uncle’s coat. Initially he put up a brave front after they reached the meteora’s (monastery) orphanage building. However when it came time for him to meet the head sister, Korina, fear took hold and  Marcos bolted from his uncle’s side to his back.  The boy’s […]

Defying Nature: Haberdashery

  All of a sudden Phoibe feels all atwitter and unable to focus on her work at the haberdashery re-hanging clothes on the racks that had previously been in the dressing rooms.  All she can think about is having failed Marcos. Last night Dr. Floros visited the apartment. He briefly treated Marcos to ease his […]

Defying Nature:Neighborhoods

  Phoibe soaks her very sore feet in hot water with Epsom salt dissolved in it. After a few minutes she feels relief from her  long day walking through the surrounding neighborhoods near where her and her family live. Phoibe began these walks a little over a month ago. Mrs. Sanna, their neighbor across the […]

Defying Nature: Let One Live

  Five and half years before Marco’s birth. Phoibe is crouched down near a small plaque marking the burial plot where her and Kallias previous children are buried. Her hand touches each engraved name. The first child she bore a girl, Tasia,  was felled by chicken pox at age four and her second child a […]

Defying Nature: Miracle

  Nikias sits to the left of his nephew in a carriage taking them to the church’s orphanage nearly three hundred miles away.  The boy leans into his uncle’s body as he sleeps a deep slumber.  Nikias wishes he could make like his nephew and rest as well. But for days now questions have not […]

Defying Nature: Burial

  A group of four dressed in black stand several feet away from a small coffin that lies next to an open-pit where it will later be lowered into for final burial.  A Greek Orthodox priest presides over the service.  Missing from the small group of mourners is Nikias, Kallias’s brother.  Their mother Avra whispers […]

Defying Nature: Kallias

  Two hours after Kallias left the church, he is in his in-laws apartment.  He fights tears as he attempts to break the terrible news both of his wife and of his son.  “Our neighbor Mrs. Sanna was watching Marcos…he started gasping and__” “Marcos is dead,” states Michel, Kallias’s father-in-law, flatly causing his wife Chara […]

Defying Nature: Church

  A married couple in their late forties face one another in a stone chapel just off a much larger church. The husband’s face is a deep shade of red, his anger pouring out of every pore as he hurls insult after insult at his wife. Phoibe has fruitlessly tried to placate her husband.   Finally […]

The Youth Who Could Not Shiver or Shake

  The blog post for today is a story I wrote over twenty years ago. I have made some changes from the original and tightened the grammar. As many of you read the story, I am sure it will be familiar. So without further ado the children’s story “The Youth, Who Could Not Shiver or […]