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Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta? A Netflix Docu Series

Carmel, a four part documentary series on Netflix, explores the death of Maria Marta. She and her husband Carlos Carrascosa lived in Carmel, a gated community, in Argentina. It has guards at the gates, cameras, and wire fencing to protect residents. However, one night in 2002 these protections failed. Carlos comes home to find Maria […]

The Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo

The tragic and moving film the Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo tells the viewer about a mother whose youngest child dies at the hand of an abusive man. He is arrested and confesses to the crime. However, the three judges who run his trial declare him not guilty. The film mentions that a law passed […]

Million Pound Menu: A Doc Series on Netflix

The UK show Million Pound Menu concept resolves around a group of investors who meet with teams of two people who want to open their own restaurant. Some of the people are trained chefs/cooks and others are self taught. In season one, the people make meals while a group of investors look over the team […]

Dick Johnson is Dead: a Netflix Documentary

Documentary filmmaker Kirsten Johnson asks her father Dick, a former therapist, to participate in a film she wants to do on his final years. He agrees and together they do various schemes where one minute he is fine then wham he is “dead.” This is their way of coming to terms with his death through […]

The Secret Society of Second Born Royals Movie

The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals tries to mix royalty with super heroes and fails at it. Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) does not take to the princess life in the fictional country of Illyria. She prefers rock and roll and sneaking out of the castle to do what she wants over being a princess like […]

A Life of Speed: The Juan Manuel Fangio Story

Available on Netflix Like other car and sport documentary series on Netflix, they pack industry heavies and drivers into this look at a record setter of Formula 1 racing: Juan Manuel Fagio. Born in 1911 in Balcarce, Argentina he grew up in a family of six and from a young age took a keen interest […]

Hope Frozen: A Quest to Live Twice

A young boy Matrix Naovaratpong wishes for a sister. His parents Nareerat and Sahatorn think about it and they decide to have another child nick named Einz. Unfortunately her life is cut short at two years of age when she develops brain cancer. Einz goes through treatment and surgery to no avail. However, during this […]

Formula 1 Drive to Survive: Netflix S 1 & 2

When I was a small kid I would tune into Indy 500 on the TV in my New Jersey home. My favorite driver – Mario Andretti because of his ability to control the race car, to pass other drivers, avoid crashes and stay toward the front of the pack. It did not hurt either that […]

Black Radical: The Life & Times of William Monroe Trotter

Three years ago I saw an American Experience documentary on William Monroe Trotter. His life story and Civil Rights work got my attention. After the program ended I went online to see if my library had a book about him. At the time they did not but by 2020, they would. Kerri K. Greenidge who teaches in Tufts […]

Baptiste – A New PBS Masterpiece Mystery Series

I first saw the character of Julian Baptist on The Missing, a Starz series, I greatly enjoyed. I thought The Missing could keep going and going but it did not happen. Therefore it makes me really happy the creators brought Baptiste back to the television screen but this time on PBS. At the end of […]

Onward – a Pixar and Disney Film on Disney+

Onward is funny, touching, adventurous and has touches of drama but mostly the first three themes define the film. Elf, Ian Lightfoot , wishes he could have memories of his Dad. However, Dad, died when he was a baby and his older brother Barley was a small child. As he has grown up Ian settles […]

Bloodlines: Wonder Woman – a DC Movie

Bloodlines opens with Air Force captain Steve Trevor and a few other fighters racing through a portal after parademons. The battle continues, two fighters die, and Steve’s jet bursts into flames. As Steve blacks out and his jet crashes into the ocean, Princess Diana flies up and saves his life. She takes him to Themyscira […]

Slicky Boys by Martin Limón (Book 2)

Slicky Boys introduces the reader to Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigators George Sueños. He grew up in the barrios of East LA and his partner Ernie Bascom was born and bred in Detroit. The area they work South Korea in the town of  Itaewon, an area of ill repute. And both men like this way because they have access […]

Lords of the Sith (Star Wars) by Paul S Kemp

Lords of the Sith centers on a battle between Ryloth freedom fighters and the Empire. Cham Syndulla leads his fighters on three missions. They are to destroy the Perilous (an Empire battle ship), communication hub and kill the Emperor and Vader. They do this to release themselves and their people from slavery, mining spice (a […]

Part 2 Et in Arcadia Ego: Star Trek Picard

I must tell you my feelings have gone back and forth from Picard is really good to this is very bad. The episodes I think are good include Remembrance, The Impossible Box, Nepenthe and Broken Pieces. The ones I did not like include Absolute Candor, Stardust City Rag, Et in Arcadia Part 1 and this episode – […]

Episode 9: Et in Arcadia Ego Part 1 Star Trek Picard

Episode 9 of Star Trek Picard has the crew thinking they have finally evaded Narek and the other Romulans but it is short lived. His ship appears and battle begins. Then suddenly giant orchids rise up from Soji’s home world, Coppelius. They grab Rios’s ship, Narek’s scout ship, and the Borg cube and force them […]

Broken Pieces: Star Trek Picard Episode Eight

Broken Pieces shifts from story line to story line. The first is Seven arriving on the Borg cube and saving Elnor from some Romulan soldiers. However, the threats are not over. Narissa and more Romulan soldiers remain. One of them goes with her going around the Borg cube. She has his weapon and shoots whomever […]

Nepenthe: Star Trek Picard Episode 7

Picard and Soji successfully go through the transport portal to Nepenthe. It is the home of Will Riker, Deanna Troi and their daughter Kestra. Meanwhile back on the Borg cube, Elnor tries to protect Hugh from Narissa and her men. Soon it becomes a fight between him and Narissa. However, she is still able to […]

The Impossible Box: Star Trek Picard Episode 6

The Impossible Box shows Soji having a dream. She is walking down the hallway of her home holding a stuffed toy. All Soji wants is to see her Father and know despite the storm outside, everything is okay. She gets to the door leading to his work space, hesitates and finally goes inside. But all […]

Stardust: Star Trek Picard Episode 5

Stardust begins like Absolute Candor ended with Seven aboard Rios’ ship. She has become a Fenris Ranger after Icheb, a former Borg drone she helped while attached to Voyager, dies brutally on an operating table. Years earlier, without any sedative or other pain killer, a crazy surgeon rips out Icheb’s synthetic eye while he screams […]

Absolute Candor: Star Trek Picard Ep 4

Absolute Candor gives the viewer more information into Picard’s mission to save millions of Romulans . Fourteen years earlier, he uses various ships to beam up the Romulans and then he moves them to another planet. All is going smoothly until the abrupt end of this mission. It is made more painful because Picard got […]

The End is the Beginning: Star Trek Picard Ep 3

The End is the Beginning moves closer to Picard going on his first space mission in fourteen years. In the first few minutes we see Romulans attack Picard in his home; Raffi agreeing to help him find a captain, ship, and find a possible location for Dr. Bruce Maddox.’ The other parts of the episode […]

Maps and Legends: Star Trek Picard Ep 2

Maps and Legends opens with Picard learning from Laris and her brother Zhaban about a secret Romulan Society known as the Zhat Vash. Although she can’t tell Picard a lot she tells him enough that they go to Dahj’s apartment. Picard and Laris find out the apartment has little electronic residue of what happened when Dahj and her boyfriend were attacked.  So they dig into computer messages Dahj passed with her sister Soji. Although Laris is […]

CBS All Access App program Star Trek Picard

When CBS began their All Access app, they jump started it with a new Star Trek series Discovery. I was not much interested and passed but when I read on entertainment websites that they were going to bring back Patrick Steward as Picard — this got my interest. When we see Picard for the first […]

Strange Fascination: An Essex Witch Mystery

Strange Fascination, the third book, in the Essex Witch Museum Mystery series,opens with a relaunch party. The museum has added an Ursula Cadence wing and a picnic playground. These additions, Rosie and Sam hopes will lead to better things for the museum. Then word reaches them road developers will be moving the Blacky Be Boulder. […]

Strange Magic – An Essex Witch Museum Mystery

Strange Magic opens in a Catholic hospital where a boy, Max, lies in a bed deep in a coma. His mother is at his side fast asleep. It is a stormy night and Nurse Ann Redmond is more than ready to go home. However, her boss Sister Marilyn wants her to check on Max one […]

The Last Jedi: A Post Original Star Wars Trilogy Film

A few years ago I saw the first film to include the actors from the original Star Wars trilogy films – The Force Awakens. In my mind it is a solid film with minimal flaws. Yes, Han Solo dying in the film is sad but I knew for years that Harrison Ford had not wanted […]

Elena Stanidsh: Death in Focus – A Novel by Anne Perry

Death in Focus by Anne Perry introduces the reader to heroine, Elena Standish. Members of her family have careers in the diplomatic services and so did she until her ex husband betrayed her and the services too. Now she is a photographer attending an economics conference with her sister Margot. While at the conference she […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Films: Both on Disney+

Guardians of the Galaxy is the fourth MCU film I caught on Disney+ and a few days later I saw the second film. I could not get the smile off my face when Quill went on a stormy planet all cool and collected; dancing his way to stealing a metal orb so he can get […]

Inside Out (2015) Disney Film on Disney Plus

I am thankful to Disney+ for finally getting me stop making excuses and start watching some films I swore I would see the year they came out then I did not. Inside Out is one of those films. The things I like about the film are the individual feelings being expressed as being their own […]

Thoughts on Captain Marvel: MCU Film

My thoughts on Captain Marvel, yes I know it came out March 8, 2019 but thanks to Disney+ arrival I finally saw it. Three thing I like a lot about MCU film is that the writers did not have Brie Larson’s character Ver/Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel whine about her amnesia. Instead I saw a strong woman […]

Dublin Murders: New Crime Drama Series on Starz

Dublin Murders, a new crime drama series on Starz, takes inspiration from the Tana French series the Dublin Murder Squad. The first episode introduces the viewer to detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox who have a close bond on and off the job. When they get a new case, Cassie tells Rob they can begin […]

Stefan Ahnhem’s Victim Without a Face

Stefan Ahnhem has written the original 2005 Wallander series with influence from Henning Mankell’s novels. I have both read the Wallander series and I have seen it on television too. Risk moves his family from Stockholm back to his hometown Helsingborg. He has a few weeks to settle into a new home before returning to […]

Hiyori Kon in Little Miss Sumo: a documentary film

Little Miss Sumo focuses on 20-year-old Hiyori Kon, a female sumo wrestler in Taiwan who nears retirement from the sport she loves.    Officials in the sport tell her and other female wrestlers they must stop wrestling at age 21. Plus, they can not turn professional. This is the opposite of male wrestlers who can turn professional and […]

The Railway Detective by Edward Marston

The Railway Detective, set in 1851 England, opens with a train loaded with mail and gold coin. Normally guards protect the precious cargo, and thieves gain the upper hand on them and steel the entire cargo. And two of them gravely injures the train driver and forces the fireman to detail the train. It is […]

Westerplatte Resists: A drama on the first battle of WWII

Westerplatte is a peninsula located in Gdańsk, Poland by the Baltic Coast and near the Dead Vistula in the Gdańsk harbor channel. From 1926 to 1939 it was the location of a Polish military transit depot & garrison. It is days became numbered when Nazi troops invaded the peninsula in the first battle of WWII. […]

Michelle Tillis Lederman’s The Connector’s Advantage

Michelle Tillis Lederman’s The Connector’s Advantage is a road map on how to make the most of professional networking so a person can maximize these relationships . This could lead to many things for instance a promotion, referrals, a new job, or something else like gaining a mentor. I am part of a a few […]

Elly Griffiths’s The Stone Circle: A Ruth Galloway Book

Elly Griffiths next book in the Ruth Galloway mystery series is Stone Circle. It hints at the first book when DCI Nelson first asked for archaeologist and college professor Ruth Galloway’s help. Back then bones of a girl are found near a pre-historic henge on the north Norfolk Coast. DCI Nelson needs to know if […]

The Entire Titans Season 1 Binge on DC Universe

Two days to watch the entire first season of Titans. Oh boy! Appearing in Titans: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven , Hank Hall (Hawk), Dawn Granger (Dove) and Donna Troy (Wonder Girl). Grayson is very different from the 2003 version of him in Teen Titans who desires to be a leader […]

Animated Batman Movie: Assault on Arkham

In this animated movie Batman is on the war path in Gotham trying to locate a dirty bomb planted by the Joker before his return to Arkham Asylum. Meanwhile Amanda Waller brings together captured criminals: Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, Captain Boomerang, Black Spider, and Killer Frost to form the Suicide Squad. She wants them […]

Arrowood by Mick Finlay: Book one in a new mystery series

Arrowood opens in South London with Norman Barnett entering the home of his employer William Arrowood who is ranting about the great Sherlock Holmes. Like the great detective Barnett is a private investigator but unlike Holmes he does not solve cases quickly, does not have the police and newspapers on his side, and most of […]

Deck the Hounds: An Andy Carpenter Mystery

Deck the Hounds, the 18th book in the Andy Carpenter Mystery series, opens with Andy giving a homeless man money and a Petsmart gift card for his dog companion Zoey. Not long after Andy does this the homeless man gets attacked. Naturally, Carpenter fears for the homeless man and his dog. What he does not […]

Daniel Pitt in Triple Jeopardy by Anne Perry

Daniel Pitt’s sister Jemina  returns to London from the United States with husband Patrick and their two young children for a long family visit. Unlike their parents, Thomas and Charlotte, this will be Daniel’s first time meeting his sister’s family. At the time of her wedding, he was unable to attend due to law school obligations. […]

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle from Columbia Pictures

Jumanji Welcome to The Jungle follows the original 1995 twenty two years later. The newer film opens in 1996 and a father out running on the beach comes across the board game. He thinks it is cool and brings it home to his son Alex. The boy thinks it is lame and puts the board […]

Rig 45 – A Six Episode Series on Starz

Viaplay Original series Rig 45 is a Danish/English language series that airs on Starz. It opens with a two person crew making repairs to an oil rig. One, a man is on the ground holding a rope for his female partner who is high up in the air. She experiences dry mouth and becomes ill […]

Pennyworth (TV Series 2019) Epix

When I heard about Pennyworth a series about Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler I knew I had to check it out. I saw the first three episodes of Pennyworth through the Roku Channel app that let me access Epix on my Roku TV without a cable subscription. Jack Bannon, who portrays Alfred, who has left […]

Venom (2018) Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller Movie

The film Venom is familiar to me from the 2018 trailers and from YouTube videos. Warning after this I will be spoiling the film in this review. Immediately Eddie Brock is seen as a successful vlog reporter through clips of stories he does across the globe. Then the film shifts to a crew of astronauts, […]

The Rook: On Starz and the Stars App

The Rook is a new series on Starz that combines meta humans with the spy world. Emma Greenwell’s Myfanwy Thomas works in a branch of MI6 called Checque. One drenching and rainy night she wakes up with no memory by a bridge to find several dead bodies surrounding her. Panicking Myfanwy runs as far as […]

Jacqueline Winspear’s The American Agent

Jacqueline Winspear’s newest Maisie Dobb’s novel is the American Agent. Good friends, Maisie and Priscilla are once again helping out in war. Together they volunteer as ambulance drivers and attend to citizens wounded by German bombings in London. One evening reporter, Catherine Saxon, an American, rides along with them. By the next morning Catherine is […]

Captured: An American Prisoner of War in N. Vietnam

Captured by Alvin Townley shares what Air Force Aviator Jerry Denton went through after being taken prisoner in 1965, Vietnam. Along with his fellow officers, he helps prisoners remember they are military men not criminals as the Vietnamese say. They instead stress holding on to their honor as well as telling them they will return […]

Wally Funk’s Race for Space by Sue Nelson

Back in 1961 Wally Funk and twelve other women in the Mercury 13 program went through the same rigorous tests as the men of NASA. All of them did extremely well. One test that Funk is especially known for is staying afloat in body temperature water for over 10 hours. And in the years since […]

Swamp Thing: Pilot Episode on DC Universe

Swamp Thing’s pilot begins with a boat crew about to put mysterious devices into the murky waters outside of Marais, Louisiana but the vegetation has other plans. It rapidly grows and murders the crew one by one. Then it cuts to Africa and two CDC doctors/investigators in full hazmat suits in Africa failing to get a boy […]

Heath Hardage Lee’s The League of Wives

Heath Hardage Lee’s book tells the true story of military wives who fought the US government to change how they dealt with prisoners of war and the missing. Initially these women keep silent believing if they speak out it would hurt the government’s negotiations with Vietnam. However, as the days turned into weeks and months […]

The Trial of Lizzie Borden: a true story by Cara Robertson

I heard about Lizzie Borden back in elementary school through the following rhyme written by Victoria Lincoln in 1967. I found the copy below on Lizzie Borden took an axeAnd gave her mother forty whacks.When she saw what she had done,She gave her father forty-one. I never gave much thought to what was behind […]

Tin Cans and Greyhounds by Clint Johnson

Tin Cans & Greyhounds by Clint Johnson tells the true story of US destroyers and how they developed from WWI through WWII.  These ships could escort & protect other ships, protect ships in battle, perform rescues saving countless sailor lives; and put on a great offense firing torpedoes, hedgehogs, and depth charges.  Although the US did not […]

DC Universe Movie: Batman Gotham by Gaslight

I have the DC Universe application/channel through Roku. I chose the channel to watch the first episode of Doom Patrol. After doing so and getting hooked on it, I chose to check out other series and movies. One of the movies, I have seen is 2018’s Batman: Gotham by Gaslight that brings Jack the Ripper […]

Jim Eldridge Novel: Assassin a DCI Stark Mystery

Jim Eldridge has a new book series starring DCI Paul Stark, a WWI war hero, widower, father, and police officer in 1920s London. When a prominent Cabinet member is shot once in the head and the chest, he is tasked with his partner DS Robert Danvers to solve the crime quickly. High up officials do […]

Batman Ninja: The Movie on DC Universe

Batman Ninja opens with Gorilla Grodd running his latest tech invention, a time travel device, inside of Arkham Asylum. The cape crusader tries to stop him but is unsuccessful and travels back in time to feudal Japan. Immediately Batman comes face to face with samurai jokers and later with the Joker himself and Harley Quinn. […]

Army of Empire by George Morton-Jack

Army of Empire: The Untold Story of the Indian Army in World War I by George Morton-Jack. It tells an often untold piece of history of the then British Commonwealth’s involvement in World War I. Unfortunately, most of the voices in the book come from British officers because unless an Indian was an officer the […]

Martin Clunes in Manhunt: One Man’s Quest for Justice

Martin Clunes from the Doc Martin series stars in Manhunt: One Man’s Quest for Justice. He portrays newly promoted DCI Colin Sutton who leads his first team to investigate the murder of a French woman named Amélie De La Grange  who was staying in England for the past two months. Sutton also wrote the book […]

Tu hijo (Your Son) 2018 on Netflix

Your son begins with a surgeon Jaime Jiménez calming nervous and upset parents before heading into an operating room to operate on their son. A few days later the boy suddenly has a seizure and his parents turn on the surgeon in an instant. This hints at what is coming for the rest of the […]

Loch Ness: Acorn TV Mini Series

Loch Ness begins with a prank. In the early evening a teenage girl and two boys are creating their own Loch Ness monster out of bloodied intestines, meat, and bones on the beach. The following morning the prank loses its laughter when a human heart is found. Then another person dies at first thought to […]

Agatha and the Truth of Murder

Agatha and the Truth of Murder is a drama about what writer Tom Dalton and director Terry Loane think Agatha Christie did when she went missing for 11 days in 1926 – truing to solve a real life murder. The drama opens with an older woman whose name is Florence Nightingale Shore sitting on a […]

Doom Patrol: A DC Universe Series

Doom Patrol hooked me in ways that the Umbrella Academy did not. The first episode begins with Alan Tudyck’s (Serenity) Erik Morden going to see Von Fuchs, a Nazi scientist hiding in South America, who offers super hero enhancements at a hefty price. Morden also acts as the narrator of the series and a favorite line from the first episode is […]

The Umbrella Academy – A New Netflix Series

The Umbrella Academy is a ten episode series that has begun to air on Netflix. The concept for the show comes from a Dark Horse Comic series created & written by Gerald Way and illustrated Gabriel Ba. It centers on children all born on the same day on October 1989 when forty three women suddenly […]

Saving Brinton: A doc film on PBS’s America Reframed

I saw Saving Brinton on PBS’s America Reframed. It tells the story of Frank and Indiana Brinton who between 1895 and 1905 traveled the world to entertain people. They did so using magic lantern to make photographic slides appear to dissolve in order to create a moving image. Once moving pictures came out, Brinton bought […]

The Woman Behind the New Deal

The Woman Behind The New Deal tells the life and legacy of Frances Perkins, the first female Secretary of Labor. The author writes of Perkins’ drive, caring for a husband with a mental illness, the conflicts with her daughter. She tried mightily to keep the family together while also trying to achieve legislative goals. I […]

El Club De Los Insomnes (2018 Mexican Film)

El Club de Los Insomnes opens with office worker Santiago telling his therapist about the nightmare he keeps having. He runs for his life in a parking lot and then comes to a halt before a bright light just before he wakes. To escape the nightmare each night Santiago goes to a 24-hour mini mart […]

Sad Hill Unearthed (2017) Documentary

Sad Hill Unearthed tells the story fans of The Good, Bad and the Ugly who chose to restore the epic graveyard scene from the film. This cemetery lies in an untouched region of Burgos and in 1966 Spanish soldiers built 5000 fictional graves. They also took part in the film playing extras. Once filming came […]

Felix Francis: Crisis – A Dick Francis Novel

Felix Francis latest Crisis adds a new character to the racing world first created by his father with, Harrison Foster,  a crisis manager for a London firm.   Harrison’s employer requests he go to Newmarket and see the Chadwick family, who has trained and raced horses for decades.  A fire has occurred in one of their […]

Refuge in Hell by Daniel B. Silver: A true story of survival

Refuge in Hell tells the story of a Jewish hospital in Berlin that kept working despite the Nazis’ reign until April of 1945. The doctors, surgeons and nurses kept giving care & aid to those who entered despite it’s doors in spite of the Nazis who resided in part of the hospital or made visits […]

Twenty-One Days: A Daniel Pitt Novel by Anne Perry

Twenty-One Days is the beginning of a new series that Anne Perry published earlier this year.   It features Daniel Pitt, son of Charlotte and Thomas Pitt, who is now in his twenties and a beginning lawyer.   Now having read Twenty-One Days there are many similarities to the series with his parents.   Like them Daniel thinks […]

Frank & Al by author Terry Golway

Frank & Al by Terry Golway tells the reader about the relationship between two New York political power houses: Al Smith and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   Smith acted as a mentor to the younger Roosevelt when he started out in politics and through the years the two would be there for each.  Even when the two […]

Ordinary Heroes: A 3 part Netflix Documentary Film

Ordinary Heroes tells three stories about Italian citizens who took a stand against a negative aspect of their society. The first story tells the viewer about Libero Grassi, businessman, who in 1991 moves his clothing factory to a new location.  Not long afterwards the Mafia demands money from him. Grassi refuses to pay and as a […]

The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore

    The Last Days of Night by Graham Moore tells the story of electric light and a battle waged over it.  The two opponents Thomas Edison against George Westinghouse who have a legal battle over who invented the light bulb. The lawyer at Westinghouse’s side is Paul Cravath, a fresh graduate of Columbia Law […]

Seth G. Jones’s biographical book A Covert Action

Seth G. Jones’s A Covert Action tells the true story of a CIA program code named QRHELPFUL.   President Reagan directed the CIA to start this program after the Polish government cut off telephone contact with the West and Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelsk got ready to declare marshal law. The CIA used contacts in the Catholic Church, […]

Two Catalonias : a look at a divided Spain

Two Catalonias; records the  north-eastern Spanish regions split between wanting independence from the Spanish government and the rest who wish to stay as they are. The rift grows and grows over the course of year until finally the Spanish seat of power forces two options on the politicians of Catalonia. They can either accept Article 155 that […]

Sons and Soldiers: A Story About the Ritchie Boys of WWII

Henderson’s book tells the true story of  the Ritchie boys each of them  Jewish sons forced out of Nazi occupied Europe. Most came by ship to America to make a new home and many times without family to join them.   Years later when it became clear the United States would go to war against Germany […]

In Plain Sight TV Mini Series

In Plain Site, a TV miniseries I watched on BritTV depicts the true story of Lanarkshire’s Detective William Muncie and his quest to bring killer Peter Manuel to justice. Douglas Henshall to stars at Muncie I am familiar with from police/mystery series Shetland and as the narrator for S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection WWII a series I […]

The Surrounding Game: A Film About Go

  The Surrounding Game focuses on an ancient east Asian game that has changed little since its inception 2500 years ago. It is an in-depth strategy game  and the object of it seems easy.  The player with the black and the player with the white surround each others stones trying to gain advantage over the […]

S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection:WWII

  S.E.O. Secret Agent Selection:WWII focuses on both the tell the real life story of S.E.O in World War II and re-enacting the training with contemporary people. The people in charge include historian experts seeping in S.E.O. knowledge and former and current military personal. The civilians who take part in this exercise do so on […]

The Blood Card by Elly Griffiths

  The Blood Card by Elly Griffiths is the third book in the Magic Men Mystery Series.  It opens in 1953 England and the entire nation is preparing for Elizabeth’s coronation. At the same time televisions have taken England by storm and Max Mephisto and his daughter Ruby will appear in on a live variety […]

The Lost Woman: A Louise Rick Novel by Sara Blaedel

  The Lost Woman: A Louise Rick novel by Sara Blaedel opens with a wife and mother cooking in the kitchen.  Her husband and teenage daughter join her when suddenly a shot breaks through a kitchen window and kills the woman, Sofie Parker, instantly.  The murder takes place in England but it turns out the murdered woman […]

Death of a Messenger: A Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery

  Death of a Messenger opens with an anonymous call to 911 reporting a body in a hollow lava flow at Pohakuloa, the army’s live training area.  When Detective Koa Kane arrives on the scene, he sees a grizzly site, the deceased man has been mutilated.   As Koa investigates with help from a local archaeologist, they […]

The Sherlockian – a historical fiction & mystery novel

  The Sherlockian opens with the latest Sherlock Holmes story appearing in Strand magazine and fans of the famed detective are in for a shock.  Arthur Coyan Doyle has ended the life of his famed detective. Jumping ahead more than a hundred years lawyer and fellow Baker Street Irregular member Harold White has arrived for […]

Under Attack: A Homefront Detective Series book

  Edward Marston’s Under Attack, the latest in his Home Front Detective Series book, opens in June 1917.  German Gotha Bombers are targeting London and as their bombs rain down people run to safety and cover.   At the same time a river police crew spots a body coming to the surface of the Thames.  The […]

Tokyo Rose/American Patriot: A Dual Biography

Tokyo Rose/An American Patriot tells two stories.  The first one about Iva Toguri, a Japanese American, stuck in Tokyo after the US declares war on Japan.  On the other the biography tells the reader about the mythical/ radio personality Tokyo Rose who taunted the US military. The mythical propagandist and Iva Toguri became connected when she made the […]

Brute: The Life of Victor Krulak by Robert Coram

  Brute: The life of Victor Krulak tells the life story of a legendary Marine.  In his career Kurlak went on spy missions, helped develop and test amphibious landing craft, and executed a successful invasion of Okinawa. Later in Korea he felt the helicopter would be essential and proved it just how useful it could […]

New PBS Series Unforgotten

  PBS began airing Unforgotten in April. It centers on DCI Cassie Stuart (Nicola Walker) and her partner DI Sunil (Sunny) Khan. A group of workers breaking up the floor of a rundown building find bones under the footings. Their work stops and the police are called.  Soon after Stuart and her partner Khan arrive […]

Collateral (Four Episode TV Mini Series)

  Collateral, a four episode mini series now on Netflix.   The focus of the series a pizza delivery man dies by gun shot outside of a customer’s apartment building. The detective in charge of the case,  DI Kip Glaspie has a this his death goes past being a hate crime.  The DI proves right it relates to […]

Glace’ or the Frozen Dead” a Netflix and M6 television thriller series

  Glace’ or the Frozen Dead,  is a six part series about a small town in the French Pyrenees where events sinister take place. Commandant Martin Servaz wants to stay in Toulouse but a prosecutor friend calls him back.   A millionaire’s horse dies brutally before being found tied high up on a mountain near a power […]

Blood & Sand by Alex Von Tunzelmann

Blood and Sand focuses on the year 1956. Hungary’s people protest against Soviet rule and in Europe: England, France, and Israel begin to plan war against Egypt.  England and France want to hold onto the Suez Canal and Israel desires more land.   Also, Prime Minister Anthony Eden hates the leader of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasar […]

The Breadwinner: an animated tale

  The Breadwinner is a tale about 11-year-old Parvana who grows up in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. She and her father sell hand-made items in the market until one day he gets arrested. It drives Parvana to take care of her family and to find a way to free him. To give herself strength as well as the rest of her family she tells […]

The Hawk and the Dove

  The Hawk and the Dove fits into a series of books on the Cold War that I am reading.  This biography’s focus is on the relationship and rivalry between Paul Nitze, a political insider who worked with several Presidents and George Kennan, a diplomat turned academic.   The author of this book is Nicholas Thompson, grandson of […]

Monster: A Norwegian Serial Killer Thriller on Starz

      Monster is a seven part series with a simple premise a girl Toril Lind goes missing.   Heading up the investigation is Hedda Hersoug, newly back to her home town.  She plans to work at the local station and keep her mind off of her husband and the marriage she left down south. Then Toril Lind’s boyfriend enters […]

Buso Renkin – Anime and Manga Program

Buso Renkin I think is the first anime program I have watched in years. The previous programs I remember watching are Inuyasha (2000-2004) and Cowboy Beebop (1998-1999). Buso Renkin beings with Kazuki Muto, a high school student, walking near a Haunted Factory when he sees  a giant robot snake like monster chasing a school girl.  […]