Cast: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 3

Cast: Disney Gallery Mandalorian Doc Ep 3
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The third episode is the one I was waiting for with an exception I will mention later on. Some of the cast appears: Carl Weathers, Pedro Pascal, and Gina Carano sitting at the table with Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni.

Also directors Debra Chow, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Rick Famuyiwa appear in clips. They talk about working with the stunt actors for the character Mandalorian – Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder .

Additionally the stunt double got to speak with Pascal on set. The three of them would work out their movements and body language before Pascal would record his lines.

Their collaboration allowed the directors to take advantage of the Mandalorian’s stillness, his body language and the other actors reacting to him to record the emotion they can’t because of his helmet.

Building on this a bit, Gina Carano comments that Carl Weathers has been very helpful to her on set. She is not the typical Hollywood actor she was an MMA fighter. Carano got her acting start thanks to directors Tim Miller, Steve Miller and Steven Soderbergh.

She goes on to say that Weathers would help her understand a scene, what to convey, not to convey, project and more. Carano tells Weathers she is very grateful to him for doing this for her. Weathers is very appreciative of her kind words and it shows in his face.

I really got into the third episode then it abruptly ends and I am surprised it’s over. I could have kept listening to the cast go on for an hour or two. Perhaps in the fourth episode the cast comes back and things can wrap up properly. If this does not happen it’s okay I got a taste and it may have to be enough.

Cast: Disney Gallery Star Wars The Mandalorian Documentary Ep 3
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