Buso Renkin – Anime and Manga Program

Buso Renkin - Anime and Manga Program

Buso Renkin image from Buso Renkin Wikia.com

Buso Renkin I think is the first anime program I have watched in years. The previous programs I remember watching are Inuyasha (2000-2004) and Cowboy Beebop (1998-1999).

Buso Renkin beings with Kazuki Muto, a high school student, walking near a Haunted Factory when he sees  a giant robot snake like monster chasing a school girl.  He races out and pushes her out of the way just as the monster impales him in the heart, killing him instantly. Moments later Kazuki wakes in his dorm room and screams bringing his three friends to his room begging him to be quiet.  However, Kazuki hears none of it and starts shouting even louder that he will avenge his death which wakes his sister Mahiro and her friends.  Just outside is the girl writes text on her cell phone and says out loud that Kazuki owes his life to the powers of alchemy. Meanwhile inside the dorm Kazuki is fighting his friends as they struggle to calm him down.

The next day his friends show off the wounds Kazuki inflicted on them and he apologizes to them before a teacher comes along and moments later orders Kazuki to pull weeds for not having his school issue bag.  Later that night after the job finishes the teacher comes out and transforms into the monster Kazuki saw in his dreams. And from there is anime/sci-fi/action program’s premise is pretty much set.

The girl who Kazuki saved Tokiko and brought him back to life using a Kakugane imbued with power. This power activates a powerful weapon that can be used against Homunculus  like the one the teacher transforms into.  And so begins Kazuki’s journey to become a warrior like Tokiko to save his friends, his sister and everyone else in Japan from the deadly Homunculus.

I have watched the first season and part of the second. It holds my interest, the action is very good, and the explanations ont eh supernatural forces etc make sense,  The only issue and this is not big are the sexual undertones by one character, who shall remain nameless in this post,  that are on the verge of unnerving. I will continue to watch this program on Starz, where I found it till I watch all the episodes they  have.

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