The Bully





The snow was falling in thick layers outside of my elementary school, and I was feeling on edge. At the start of this winter day, I awoke in bed hoping the snow had begun while I was asleep, and thick snow covered the ground. I took the covers in my right hand and lifted them up from the left and folded them over to the right before I got out of bed. My feet touched the yellow carpet in my bedroom, and I wiggled my toes for a few moments before going over to the window overlooking the backyard. When my eyes got a good look, I saw it was only a dusting. Oh groan!

I reluctantly got ready for another day of second grade. Lately, all four bullies who harass me, have been relentless in making my school life miserable. By the time I reached school, snow outside was starting to get heavier and thicker. It led me to hope for an early school dismissal, and the bullies would be in too good of a mood to torment me. It was not meant to be from the moment I entered Mrs. Lazarus’s class for homeroom.

George met me at the coat cubicle and slapped me on the back of the head as I was putting my coat on a hook. Then later at lunch, the next bully, Mike decided I was not getting to eat it, and I lost my lunch from home. However, he was not willing to keep my Rainbow Bright lunch box, and I thankfully got it back. My friends Dawn and April, other victims of his, were kind enough to share parts of their lunches with me.

The next bully Kevin hit me with a red ball in gym class as soon as our gym teacher announced we would be playing dodge ball. I had to go to see the school nurse when my eye started to swell. The only silver lining my glasses didn’t break from the ball hitting them. Now, it was the end of the day. Since the snow had thickened; I hoped the school rumor mill would prove right, and eight inches would fall from now through tomorrow morning. If it were true, I would have a day off tomorrow or at least a two-hour delay. Thus, I left school for home bundled up in my winter coat, my black and white dog hat on my head, a scarf around my neck, and gloves. I crossed the street with the aid of a crossing guard without a bully behind me. However, it changed a few minutes later when I was a quarter down Hunter Avenue.

I heard a shout, stopped, and turned around to see Gary! He was at the beginning of the street wearing a jeans jacket over a dark t-shirt, jeans, and winter boots on his feet. He shouted again and this time I heard “I will kill you!” Gary then started to run and not waiting a millisecond longer I began to run myself. I managed to stay ahead for a while until my boots slid on some ice. I folded in half and touched my gloved fingers to the icy road to stop myself from slipping further. With my rear end in the air and my gloved fingers touching the ice on the road I got my balance back, straightened up, and resumed running. I had no choice; Gary was catching up fast.

I increased my speed and didn’t look behind me. It was bad enough Gary was continuing to shout at me all the ways he was going to end my life; I had to make sure I didn’t fall as well as overheat. I had to unzip my winter coat while I was running because I could feel the sweat dripping down my armpits and against my sides. I also lifted my sweatshirt a little bit to let the very cold air dry my sweaty skin. And I had to take my glasses off and wipe off the snowflakes that were melting the hotter I got as I ran. I did this all the while continuing to run faster and faster without stopping except to slow down just a tad to turn onto another street then one more.

On top of all of this, my lungs were burning, and it was hard to breathe. I had to keep going, or else Gary would get me, so I increased my speed even more. Soon enough, I reached the top of Elwood Road and turned onto my home street Taylor. I looked side to side on the street twice while running past two houses. I got very lucky no cars, so I was able to run across the street and straight up the front yard to the front door of my home. I opened the metal door on the outside of the front door and turned the knob and got lucky– unlocked. Mom is home! I opened the front door then closed it behind me and locked it. Without taking anything off and out of fear somehow, Gary would be so furious as to break into my now locked home. I headed straight for the kitchen. Oh, good my mother is there! I gasp out, “Mom Gary is going to kill me!”

“What?” she asked.
“Gary–chased me– all the way home- said he was going to kill me, “I gasped out.

“First take shallow breaths then deeper ones,” she ordered. I obeyed and slowly I got my breath back, and my lungs began to hurt less and less. I watched Mom go to the phone and call the principal at my school. Only after she hung up the phone did I allow myself to relax. As I took off my winter attire I thought myself, “One bully is going down!” It was a great feeling!