Building My Social Media Connections on Twitter

Social Network" by suphakit73   from

Social Network” by suphakit73 from

A surprising and pleasant thing started happening on Twitter. Whenever I would go through their suggestions for who to follow I would sometimes come across a site that helps authors get the word out on just their website. (This is different from BookBuzz,net which I chose to use for mass book promotion and more.) Or I would find an independent book reviewer.

I then would check their Twitter profile and if interested I clicked on their website link to learn more. I then would decide to either follow them on Twitter or bookmark the website on my Internet browser for a future time. Sometimes a day or two later one of the profiles I’d added or bookmarked added me on Twitter.

What I really like about some of these additions is they offer free tweeting or a sign up on their website to list an author with links to the paid sites where his or her’s book can be purchased. I’d either had to mention them in a tweet or send a direct message to ask for tweeting. I didn’t have to do anything else. There are a small number not many I have turned down from adding to my Twitter account because their services too closely matched or did match what already did. There is no reason I would need to register with search engines again nor have new book promotions likely going to the same reviewers, book shops, book clubs etc that already took care of.

I’ve also received e-mails from press release companies offering their services at discount prices. However, when I have looked them up they are for businesses and I am just a lowly new author which makes me believe my e-mail and many others were bought and these companies never went through what they got. Yet even with these small occurrences the mass majority of new followings on my Twitter account have been win-win situations and the building of online relationships.

I think of all of this like publishing on more than one site. I am expanding my chances of being found and directing potential readers to the sites where my book is available to buy. can only cover so many websites, book shops, book clubs etc. They can’t make sure that every person or site out there or an individual reviewer will get one of their promotions about my book, Switching Stations, Switching Stories.

I believe all of this will eventually add up and hopefully produce good word of mouth, reviews for my book, and ultimately sales of my book Switching Stations, Switching Stories. So consider your plan for book promotion and getting reviews and ask should I look for these people on the social media sites I use? Or just stick to online searches and hope it covers it? I think for myself it required a bit of both but the most fruitful stuff thus far has come from searching social media including Twitter. I know I am glad personally for it otherwise I think I would have narrowed my chances of book selling success. This way I am increasing these chances and hopefully succeeding at it.