Broken Pieces: Star Trek Picard Episode Eight

Broken Pieces: Star Trek Picard Episode Eight

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Broken Pieces: Star Trek Picard Episode Eight
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Broken Pieces shifts from story line to story line. The first is Seven arriving on the Borg cube and saving Elnor from some Romulan soldiers. However, the threats are not over. Narissa and more Romulan soldiers remain. One of them goes with her going around the Borg cube. She has his weapon and shoots whomever they come across before calling for another weapon ect.

Meanwhile on La Sirena (Rios’ ship) the medical hologram and Rafi finally put the pieces together that Dr. Juradi is a spy and the reason they were tracked to the Borg cube.

Rafi and the hologram try to tell Picard this but he refuses to believe until Juradi confesses. She tells him about the Vulcan mind meld Commander Oh did to her

Jurati also tells him about the initiation Oh did to several Vulcan and Romulans – all Zha Nash like her. She brought them to a light ring on a desert planet.

This ring holds the memory of an ancient civilization that preserved itself in a system known as the Conclave of Eight.

She then goes on to warn those she is with that once they touch the light ring, it may drive them mad from seeing the death of these ancient people at the hands of synthetics.

However, without seeing the visions, the Zhat Nash can’t stop the synthetics before they evolve to the point they want to wipe out life. Sure enough all but one person is left standing Narissa, the rest self harmed or went catatonic.

One of those that went catatonic is Narissa and Narek’s aunt Ramdha and it was her who may have caused the Borg cube to separate from the collective.

Back on the ship, Juradi tells Picard it was seeing theses horrors that made her go against her judgment and choose to help the Zhat Nash.

Then there is the affect Soji has on Rios. He begins to act strangely and hids in his room. Rafi refuses to let this continue and gathers all the holograms ,which are pieces of Rios’ personalty, to try and figure out the mystery behind this.

It turns out Rios’ met two other synthetics. One was a woman with the same appearance as Soji and her sister. And his mentor who Rios saw as a father figure shot them with a taser before taking his own life.

All these pieces coming together and Rios, Rafi, Jurati begin to see as Soji not a threat.

Back on the Borg cube, the only way for Seven to stop Narissa and the Romulan soldiers is to hijack the cube and create a new collective. To do so Seven turns on the cube and allows cords to dig into her body. And once she has control of the cube, the enemy are no more. Then the cords separate from Seven and she returns to her normal self.

Finally the viewer learns, two more things. One: Oh and the Zhat Nash took the warnings in the visions left by the ancient civilization so seriously; the fate of their people dying from a supernova did not matter. Second: we learn where Soji comes from a plant known as Aia that has eight stars.

This episode has a lot packed into it. Most of the story lines get executed well but I felt the cube events although cool, came up short in the episode.

Broken Pieces: Star Trek Picard Episode Eight
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