Breakthrough: Part 2 of Radio Waves

 Break through "Hand Picks Success Puzzle" Image courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon at

      “Hand Picks Success Puzzle”    Image courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon at


221 days later – A breakthrough


Othi Xouqphon is lost in thought when suddenly a musical scale fills the Still Liquid around him.  It comes from an application in his laptop computer that he uses to receive e-mail messages.  Othi Xouqphon scrambles to located it in the Still Liquid.  His Quantum computer is so big it is easy to miss the smaller computer.   Finally just as the musical scale repeats for a third time, he finds the computer and taps a photo icon  with a knuckle.  Immediately after he sees he has received a message from his sister.

After he taps on the message an eye appears on the screen then next to it an empty box . Milliseconds later a word English pops up inside the box as a recording pronouncing the word plays. Othi Xouqphon  has never heard a word spoken before and it gives him a thrill to hear this recording. He taps his screen again and again to rehear it. Finally when his emotions have calmed he replies back to his sister. He taps a key that produces a facsimile of his sister then a series of arrows pointing in different directions then he copies the word English before hitting send.   Her reply is an image of the Milky Way Galaxy and the planet Earth.

He replies once more placing an image of the sound waves moving toward the next image of Earth followed by a question mark.  Immediately another image of his sister appears this time this facsimile shows her  nodding her head.  Othi Xouqphon grins broadly all their hard work has led to a break through at last!

Immediately Othi Xouqphon prepares a message to send to his friend Vaer Trodumpim.  He is a rare breed in academia who has studied not only ancient picture languages but spoken and written languages too. Perhaps this knowledge and identification of Earth’s English as the message’s language,  he can find away to translate the sound file into images that reveal its secrets.  Several minutes later  Othi Xouqphon has typed an image message, attached the necessary files and sent it on to his friend.  Then he replies to his sister thanking her and telling her what he has done.  Her reply is an image of hands clapping followed by crossed fingers.

 To be continued with Part 3 The Solution