Book Publishing Blues




Lately I have thought about the crowd funding sites I chose to publish on. It has been a month or a bit more than that since my book Switching Stations Switching Stories first appeared on them. I thought when I chose the crowd funding sites it was a good decision that allowed me to do a bit like Story Cartel, offer the book for free, except it allowed, if the person wanted, to pay a price of their choosing. I know I have to be patient but how long do I wait to see if any of these sites will work? I know it isn’t the same for every author. Some have downloads fast because they are established and there are those who pick a genre that is more appealing for a particular time of year. Or maybe I should have waited until the Fall, closer to Halloween, to publish but I admit after four years of working on my book, I felt if I waited any longer, it would never come out. I can procrastinate well if I allow myself to.

I know as an Internet Retail Business co-owner, that it takes time for a business to tell if it will succeed or not. It was three years before my family’s business reached success and we have done pretty good since even with the economic downturn. The book selling world is not exactly the same, it is quite different but one thing that did does have in common is you have to stay with it. Keep up the patience. I have stopped working on the second manuscript to see what reviews come in for my book, let them build up over time, and use the feedback to help me shape the second manuscript.

I take my mind off what is happening with my book during the day at work by writing pieces to promote the family Internet retail business. Then after work I practice crochet, read a library book, and watch TV. I also fit in meditation and allow myself a half hour to an hour to forget things and just have a clear mind. Too bad I can’t do this and have it last for hours on end but then I would get myself in trouble. It is no way to handle a business and it is no way to keep promoting my book online. Maybe I am just having a down spell and I have to ride it out.

I hope whatever I decide, either to stick with these crowd funding sites or leave, I will be okay with it and know that I can’t undo a canceling of a crowd funding. Once it is done on my first book that is it. I have to be certain that I gave this plenty of thought, that I am not making a rash choice. Patience as an author I know is necessary and at the same time it is important not overly question and doubt myself. It only leads to disaster.