Bloodlines: Wonder Woman – a DC Movie

Bloodlines: Wonder Woman - a DC Movie

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Bloodlines: Wonder Woman – a DC Movie
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Bloodlines opens with Air Force captain Steve Trevor and a few other fighters racing through a portal after parademons. The battle continues, two fighters die, and Steve’s jet bursts into flames.

As Steve blacks out and his jet crashes into the ocean, Princess Diana flies up and saves his life. She takes him to Themyscira and uses a purple healing ray to mend Steve’s wounds.

When Diana’s mother Queen Hippolyta find out, about this Steve is arrested because he broke the no man rule. And she refuses to listen to Diana about a premonition she had about aliens invading the man’s world.

Later on Diana breaks Steve out of his prison cell. Then they attempt to escape Themyscira only to be caught by her mother. In order to gain Steve’s freedom and to go with him, Diana fights her mother. After the fight ends, Diana’s mother disowns and tells her she may never return to Themyscira.

Once in Washington, DC Steve asks Etta Candy to find an expert to take in Diana . She finds Dr. Julia Kapatelis an archaeologist with a teenage daughter named Vanessa. Upon meeting Diana, Dr. Kapatelis comes enchanted and neglects her daughter.

Over the next five years, Diana as Wonder Woman, protects the world, as Vanessa’s anger builds. Finally, she has enough and arranges to sell a stolen artifact she took from her employer Veronica Cale. Dr. Kapatelis finds out and begs Diana and Doctor Steve for help.

Vanessa goes to a warehouse to meet the buyer but instead of meeting the person she expects – Doctor Poison Giganta, and henchmen arrive. Soon after Diana, Steve and Dr. Kapatelis come on the scene. A fight occurs and during it Kapatelis is killed.

Filled with resentment, Vanessa joins Doctor Poison and in a radical experiment becomes Silver Swan. When this happens, Diana decides to save Vanessa as well as Themyscira.

Although Bloodlines is more geared toward kids, I still found it enjoyable. The action is very good, Diana’s two costume’s are cool, and the look of Silver Swan is amazing.

Bloodlines: Wonder Woman – A DC Animated Movie
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