Blood & Sand by Alex Von Tunzelmann

Blood & Sand: Suez, Hungary, and Eisenhower's campaign for peace

Blood & Sand: Suez, Hungary, and Eisenhower’s campaign for peace

Blood and Sand focuses on the year 1956. Hungary’s people protest against Soviet rule and in Europe: England, France, and Israel begin to plan war against Egypt.  England and France want to hold onto the Suez Canal and Israel desires more land.   Also, Prime Minister Anthony Eden hates the leader of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasar who has nationalized the Canal. His anger becomes so great he tells one person in government he wants Nasar murdered.

The three countries try to keep their efforts as secret as possible especially from their ally the United States.  The secret does not remain long and bits and pieces soon get picked up by the intelligence services and diplomatic corps.   All the while President Eisenhower is running for a second term and he and others in his administration to try to calm all parties as quickly as possible.

This is an engaging book that presents all sides with lots of facts.  And how this action along with a long line of others in the Middle East help contribute to the sour feelings felt by both sides today.

Blood & Sand: Suez, Hungary and Eisenhower’s Campaign for Peace

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