Berlin Red: An Inspector Pekkala Novel of Suspence

Berlin Red by Paul Watkins writing as Sam Eastland




Berlin Red, it is not a mystery as with the previous Inspector Pekkala novels. Instead it tells of the last days leading to Germany’s defeat in WWII.

Hitler demands radio broadcasts by a Der Chef stop immediately.  It is not so much that Der Chef’s airs accurate gossip, that does not trouble him, what does is that someone in his inner circle must be providing it.  He has Leopold Hunyadi, one of the most successful detectives in Berlin, released from prison to do what his Chief of Security, General Rattenhuber can’t – stop Der Chef and find the mole.

At the same time German scientists finally achieve success with the V2 rocket’s guidance system. And, the news of the device’s success is intercepted by the British, as it heads to Hilter’s headquarters.  And ,they want an agent of theirs in Berlin to acquire the Diamond Stream plans.   Their spy succeeds but now they need the Kremlin’s help to get their spy out of Berlin.

Stalin calls in Pekkala and Kirov into the Kremlin to tell them of their latest mission and name of the person they are to rescue – none other than Pekkala’s long-lost love Lilya Simonova.

Red Berlin, is different in that Eastland, uses the German characters and their interactions to affect the fate of Pekkala and Simonova.  I felt captivated by this book and caught up in the suspense.    I feel Red Berlin,  if true and this is the last Pekkala book, the seventh book is a fitting and excellent ending to his story.



Berlin Red: An Inspector Pekkala Novel of Suspence