Baptiste – A New PBS Masterpiece Mystery Series

Baptiste - A New Masterpiece Mystery Series
Baptiste – A New PBS Masterpiece Mystery Series
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I first saw the character of Julian Baptist on The Missing, a Starz series, I greatly enjoyed.

I thought The Missing could keep going and going but it did not happen. Therefore it makes me really happy the creators brought Baptiste back to the television screen but this time on PBS.

At the end of season two of The Missing his character develops a brain tumor and the diagnosis is not good. In the first episode of his solo series we learn he survives it. And the former investigator is in Amsterdam on holiday with is wife visiting family.

Soon a former girlfriend and Amsterdam police chief gets in touch with him to ask for his help on a case. She wants Baptiste to help find Brit, Edward Stratton’s niece, Natalie. Who unfortunately got drawn into prostitution and drugs when she met a Romanian gangster.

But the first episode does not begin with Natalie going missing instead the viewer meets the Romanian gangster. He goes to the home of a man named Peter and pretends to be a gas meter reader. Shortly after entering the house, the gangster kills Peter and uses a chain saw to cut up his body.

The first episode also introduces transgender woman, Kim Vogel, who helps prostitutes in the background of her life as a cafe owner. S And the viewer also gets glimpses of the world of racketeering and human trafficking as well.

The first episode continues the feel of the Missing. It has the complex story lines, the humanity, suspense, the danger and more that I like. And while Baptist says he is not the same after his tumor, I have to disagree. He still has his investigative abilities and they are as strong as ever.

And because they are, the gangster decides to track Baptist’s family and places a listening device in his wife’s purse while she is at the supermarket with their grandchild.

I know Baptist will unravel the mystery around Natalie and her uncle. And I know too he will find out about the threat to his family. Again I am so glad to have this character back and all the great elements that made me love The Missing and Baptiste so much.

Baptist – A New Masterpiece Mystery Series
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