Assault Stories: Everyone Needs to Listen Including DC

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Assault for anyone including sadly myself is a touchy subject.   Years ago at age four maybe five a child double my age sexually assaulted me.  It left lasting scars just as it has for many others who sadly went through a similar assault themselves.

The most recent assault case this causes me to write this post concerns Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. She says back when the two were teen Kavanaugh attempted to have sex with her against her will.

Back in 1991 Anita Hill came forward with a similar claim against then Judge Clarence Thomas. A hearing took place but it became a he said verse she said.  No one else as best as I recall testified for either Hill or Thomas to add to what either said. 

Fast forward to now and I admit the Supreme Court needs nine justices but this is the wrong way to get there.  There is too much at risk given the type of cases the Supreme Court hears, to muffle Ford.  And the same thing applies to anyone else who comes forward like Ford has done.

Please DC you have the chance to not repeat history during next week’s hearings.  Take this allegation seriously and give it the weight it deserves. Expand the hearing and allow as much as possible to come forward to shed light on this. To not do so goes against the very fabric of what Supreme Court and the types of cases it handles.

Assault Stories: Everyone Needs to Listen Including DC

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