"Happy Little Girl" This image is from the portfolio of "David Castillo Dominici" courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

“Happy Little Girl”
This image is from the portfolio of “David Castillo Dominici” courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Uh oh the jitters!

Last Wednesday the jitters hit me when my brother called me.   He said he and his wife have to go out-of-town; Could I take my Niece for the weekend?

I was not keen to say yes.  Why? Because my Niece is regularly called a HANDFUL by my brother, his wife and our parents.   I know it is true but I also know my Niece can behave and be respectful. It is just unknown how long this behavior lasts.

The day before her arrival  I put away curtains I have not hung and delicate items that decorate my living room, office, and bedroom.  I bought a camping cot for her to sleep on (budget friendly), put Strawberry Shortcake sheets on it, got a pillow for her head, and in advance took her to the library for DVDs and books. (She made the choices.)

Although I prepared well, I still had the jitters.  To try to elevate them I chose to do things with her that she likes.  We went to an arcade/giant blow up houses for kids place; to the library to play; to a playground; and a few places that put a smile on her face.

At my home when she asked me to color with her in her giant Doc McStuffins coloring book I did; when she wanted me to read to her I did that; and when she wanted to watch the DVDs I let her on loop  until she said no more.

I think because I treated her respectfully and allowed her to do within reason as she pleased, she in return behaved well toward me. And without knowing it she took away her Aunt’s jitters.