An Acceptable Challenge

Moving House Shows Change Of Address And Delivery Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at



I know it is a challenge to get non-paid moving help from friends and family. Yet even knowing this, I decided to take as much of the “lighter” items over to my new house as I could on my own to try to save on the professionals.  It is a big challenge and so far I am doing all right at it.

While I have not been able to get consistent help from someone other than my Mom, I have been more successful in being able to borrow my Dad’s behemoth sized van.  I have used the van more than a half-dozen times to get a big chunk of my things over early.

As of this date November 5th, I finished getting all my clothes, shoes, curtains, half my books, my bed and mattresses over to the house.   Some of this stuff I brought over by myself and others of it with my Mom’s help.

The last items I will try to get over there before the 7th is my second-hand washer, dryer and small entertainment center.    If I can’t get free help I have a number of a professional who can do the work by the day of this post.   The cost will be between $30 and $40. If this happens I will have to call the Habitat Restore, where I bought the items, and ask a sales clerk to hold them for a few days longer.

Yes, all this work is physically and mentally taxing but no regrets there.  They probably haven’t appeared because I thrive a bit on the personal challenge of doing things on my own.  And also I know I will slow down, go back to normal activity, and have free time again.  It is in reach I know it is and because of the progress I have made thus far on my move, this feeling is nice and strong.