Adjusting and Adapting: A New Round

Wooden Flower Art Piece
Wooden Flower Art Piece

Adjusting and adapting I seem to be doing a new round of it.

Now that my Mom has been in long term care for a while, our Dad has chosen to move into a smaller apartment. He has been going through the things he and my Mom have and has been sorting, donating, and giving away lots of things.

A few select items have gone to my brother and other items have come to my house. And this is in addition to several things I already have.

Among them include a Zebra plant that I split into two pots because it was getting too big and the other is a Wandering Jew. It is a wonderful purple vine plant with little pink-purple flowers.

As well as a second jeweler’s chest, my Mom’s sewing machine and all its accessories including sewing threads, a cross stitch piece and a wooden flower art piece.

The items are nice and I do not mind having them. The only thing we have not gone through are photographs. My Dad has not gone through many of them because it has been tough on him. I told him when the time comes to sort the photographs to call me, we can do it together.

Until then I am glad I can help my Dad in this manner and even take things off his hands so he has less to worry about. It’s the least I can do.

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