Absolute Candor: Star Trek Picard Ep 4

Absolute Candor: Star Trek Picard Episode 4

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Absolute Candor: Star Trek Picard Episode 4
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Absolute Candor gives the viewer more information into Picard’s mission to save millions of Romulans .

Fourteen years earlier, he uses various ships to beam up the Romulans and then he moves them to another planet. All is going smoothly until the abrupt end of this mission.

It is made more painful because Picard got close to a young Romulan boy Elnor . He gives the boy books and teaches him how to fence. Picard is also close to Zani part of the  Qowat Milat, a group of Romulan Warrior nuns, who raise Elnor.

Because of the attack on Mars, Picard cuts himself off from them until his mission find Bruce Maddox. First though the admiral goes back to the planet where Elnor and Zani are to ask for their help. He wants the boy now fully grown, to be part of his mission as it’s fighter.

However,Picard does not get a warm welcome. Many Romulans ignore him and although he does reconnect to Zani, Elnor is a harder. He is upset with Picard for leaving him behind years ago.. It takes a show down with a former Romulan senator, for Elnor to decide to help Picard. Not only that the young man decides to join him on his mission as well. That was quick!

I wish it did not take to the fourth episode, to find out the mission to save Romulans did happen. Only Picard could not complete the mission and it haunts him.

Off the planet, aboard Borg cube. Soji and Narek’s romantic relationships continues. However, his sister, back in Romulan form, wishes her brother would move things along faster.

I agree. There needs to be a change in the Soji/Narek/Rizzo story line. The romance can stay but Narek needs to start asking Soji about herself. He does not need to make it an interrogation, just make it out to be normal curiosity. I believe adding this improves the story line and calms Rizzo’s impatience.

Overall the episode is a mix bag however, having Jonathan Frakes direct the episode did engage me better. I just wish he could adjust the story lines too.

Absolute Candor: Star Trek Picard Episode Four
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