A Train Visit to Remember

Engine W. H. Whiton, and President’s car, Alexandria, January,1865. Photo from the Library of Congress



On Saturday I drove over four hours to Hammond, Indiana to see a replica of the train that carried President Lincoln’s body and his son Willie’s across the United States.  (The original train burned in 1911.) Normally I would avoid such a trip because I have a poor back. But the more I thought about seeing this train and my reasons for it I knew I would be going.  My most important reason is – Lincoln is one of my favorite presidents.  Why?

1.Lincoln was determined to make something of himself. He did this by deciding he would read well and he would become educated. Both things he did despite his poor upbringing.

2.  Lincoln kept trying different professionals until he found one he succeeded at and even after years as a lawyer he wanted to do more and he did.

3.   I also believe Lincoln was the only president who could have handled the Civil War years.  He cared for people and saw the broader picture in ways no one else of his time could.

I reached my destination and the replica train was awesome!   It has an intricately detailed body even down to the eagles on the axle boxes that are in front of the large red train wheels.  The inside of the train was even more ornate with intricate wood carvings, fancy chandeliers,plaques on the walls for each state, a bathroom, bedroom, and a replica coffin with “AL” in white flowers.  (There was no replica coffin of his son Willie’s coffin present in the train car. )  I was really in awe and my total time at the train was a bit over an hour. Before I left I bought a t-shirt and a hat to commemorate my visit.


Below is a link to a video on the train from cbsnews.com

Lincoln’s Funeral Train is Reborn

My visit to Hammond, Indiana