A Book Trailer is Born

Image courtesy of Idea go at FreeDigitalPhotos.net



Between Two Worlds publication is now twenty-one days away! As part of an upcoming book tour, which I will get to, in a bit I checked a box saying I wanted a book trailer.  I thought at the time the business would do it but it turned out I had to supply the trailer. I was tempted to back out of it but then I thought why not learn to do something new? Maybe just maybe it isn’t that hard to create a trailer so I did a quick search on-line. I found a six minute video providing instructions for how to use Windows Movie Maker. Click on these words Book Trailers for Readers and it will take you to the site page with the video in it.

Creating the trailer was pretty simple. My only cost was to purchase a song from Amazon.com for $1.29.  I chose Bastille’s Laugh Lines to go with the photos I chose. Most of them came from freedigitalphotos.net and one was a freebie I found doing a specific search for free images.  I also added Between Two Worlds book cover and ending credits to give information on where the book can be purchased and to acknowledge the photos creators.  I will be using this trailer for my promotions including paid ones. My first paid promotion is being done through Enchanted Book Promotions whom I am also doing a book tour with starting on the day Between Two Worlds is published: June 15, 2015 .  I chose this date because four out of five members of my mother’s immediate family were born on the 15th day of their birth month. And the date is my parent’s anniversary. Yes, I wanted some form of luck.

As part of the book tour, they will post three book excerpts, promote a giveaway through Rafflecopter of 25 copies of my book, and at some point there will be an author interview with me, and lastly I will have to write character interviews.  I am looking forward to doing all of this and checking out the results. My fingers are crossed!