"Global network concept" Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot at

“Global network concept”
Image courtesy of Nutdanai
Apikhomboonwaroot at


I have been using a Verizon Hot Spot to connect to the Internet for the last month.  It is a positive that I only use a gigabyte a week and also that I don’t have to pay for it. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

In the month of November I downloaded one PBS video, a twelve minute video, and watched a two minute movie trailer.  Not to shabby and one could say that I could easily up what I download.  Not so fast.  To make sure I stuck to a gigabyte a week it required that I use the Internet daily no more than two hours.

The other drawback is I can’t use my home computer to do my blog because the Hot Spot makes its function come to a standstill.  As a result I have had to do my blog posts from work.  However, while I can write my blog from there I can’t do the videos there too.  And forget doing them at home for the same reason I can’t do my blog there.

While five gigabytes seems like a lot to use in a month, I believe I need more than that and I want fiber optic Internet service again.  Now I do admit having the Hot Spot is keeping me from being on the Internet more than is good for me. Also while I miss my favorite programs, the pain is lessened by the recaps I find on or on

Yet even with these recaps, once the Hot Spot contract is up in March or May of 2016 I will give it back to my parents. I will then sign up for Internet service with a local company in Bloomington and get double the gigabytes I am using now.   It will be a sweet day when this happens.