Christmas Giving Small But “Big”

"Merry Christmas Card" Image courtesy of digitalart at

“Merry Christmas Card”
Image courtesy of digitalart at


I have noticed a trend in recent Christmas seasons: less and less family members want tangible gifts. Instead they want the gift of being together for the holidays or to receive a phone call Christmas Day. (This applies to family living on the west and east coast.)

My brother was the first one to say he didn’t want anything for Christmas but since his wife still wanted a gift the last couple of years, she received something from me. This year they told me to just get a gift for their daughter.  Next came my parents who declared unless it is something unique, we don’t need anything. My extended family also has expressed the same thing and so my list has shrunk to two.

Although I admit I found a gift that my brother and his wife could like as well as their daughter.  However, I have chosen  to make it something for my niece’s stocking in addition to the gift she is already getting. The only other person getting a tangible gift this year is my best friend who lives in Florida.

There maybe exceptions down the line when I may spot a gift that is so perfect for a family member that I just have to get it. However, I will strive to make this a rare occurrence.

So while it appears this holiday season that my Christmas shopping is over it really isn’t. The gifts to my immediate and extended family have just changed form. Instead the gifts are about communication and or being together as a family rather than being on a tangible. This change I think makes the holiday season more meaningful.

Happy Holidays and a happy upcoming New Year to all my readers!