Defying Nature: Church

"Burning Candles in a Church" Image courtesy of radnatt at

“Burning Candles in a Church”
Image courtesy of radnatt at


A married couple in their late forties face one another in a stone chapel just off a much larger church. The husband’s face is a deep shade of red, his anger pouring out of every pore as he hurls insult after insult at his wife. Phoibe has fruitlessly tried to placate her husband.   Finally her own despair overcomes her reason to stay calm and she comes out with the demand she has held inside.

“Where is my son Kallias?”

“Your son?  His is no longer your son!  You took him to a witch doctor and now a demon has possession of him!”

“There is no demon inside Markos! How dare you say such a thing!

“I saw his face change before my eyes! You cannot tell me it is natural for a child’s appearance to alter.”

“You bastard!  I saved Markos. The consumption was sure to take his life.  How could I just give up on our son?  It would have been insane.  I had to keep trying.”

“You knew as well as I did, that there was no hope for the boy.   Doctor after doctor said so.  It was time to let him die and you, you…” Kallias sputters in anger.

“No it was not right for me nor you to wait for death to enter our home yet again.  I did what I had to, to save our son.  I demand to know where you have taken him, tell me now!”

“You are nothing to me  and so is the boy!”

Just then two men approach from the shadows, both dressed in a grey uniform, to grab Phoibe by an arm. She in turn uses her left foot to kick the man nearest her and even lunges to bite him but the second man who is on her other side uses his free arm to pull her by the neck toward him.

“No, no I must save my boy! Let me go you bastards, let me go!”

“You are of unsound mind Phoibe and must go into care for the rest of your days.”

“How dare you condemn our son and hide me away! You are the one with evil in him you not me!

Kallias breathes heavily from the shouting match with his wife. The redness in his face slowly fades back to his usual olive skin tone.   His hands bunched in tight fists uncurl as he watches his struggling wife being pulled out of the chapel’s front door. Behind him his brother Nikias steps out from the shadows where he watched the last of the events unfolding. He places a comforting hand on his brother’s right shoulder.  “You did the right thing.”

“I know… ”