The Garage is Coming

"Carpenter Tools,hammer,nails,shavings, And Chisel On Wooden" Image courtesy of bugtiger at

“Carpenter Tools,hammer,nails,shavings, And Chisel On Wooden”
Image courtesy of bugtiger at


I really happy that work to convert a long room back into a garage is coming along well.   In the planning stages before work began, I chose to keep part of it as a storage room because the attic is not adequate for it.

Up to now a wall has been built separating the storage are from the garage. Also the electrical has been completed prior to the drywall installation. (A fan and light combo will light the storage room)  To access it a pocket door was installed. This way a regular door doesn’t interfere with another door in the same room nor will it hit my car when opened.

After the drywall is installed, it will be a wait for the garage doors and the mechanism that will raise and lower them to arrive.  Then they will be installed with a check to make sure everything works properly.

I know such a little thing as a garage making me happy is kind of corny.  Yet a garage makes a big difference.  I’d rather have temperatures a bit warmer being inside a garage than being outside wearing a coat, hat, scarf, and gloves and freezing despite the layers.  Plus no scrapping off the frost, ice, or snow from my car.  Or worse the risk of breaking the driver’s side door handle again. So yes, I am looking forward

Further if there are delays beyond the time it took for the project to start, it won’t be a problem because the rest of the house is complete.  Nor do I really have to worry about noise.  Often I am not home when the handy man is working and if he is there when I am, I read a book instead of watching a movie.  So neither delays nor noise are putting me off which is a good thing.