Rest in Peace Door Handle


"Car Recovery" Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at

“Car Recovery”
Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono at


RIP car door handle.

On January 10th the door handle on my car broke.  Of course I know a car handle can break especially if the car is left outside in the winter like mine is.   It wouldn’t have been the case this winter if work hadn’t been delayed to convert a room in my house back into being a garage. Unfortunately the work didn’t begin until after my car door luck ran out.

Before the break happened, I unlocked the car door just fine but then the door itself refused to open. So I decided to clean my car of snow and ice before trying again.  When I did the door still wouldn’t budge, so I went inside my house to defrost.

After I got the feeling back in my body I came back outside to try the door again.  Success! While the car defrost and the heater did their jobs, I shoveled the driveway.   After I finished I attempted to open the door again to shut off the car engine and that’s when the handle broke.  Since I couldn’t do anything to fix it, I left to run my errands.

A bit later while a store employee was putting 70 lb sand bags into my  car,  he told me he broke his driver’s side door handle too.   The next day when I took my car in for repair, the manager told me he is getting a lots of these jobs now that winter has settled in.

I dearly hope I am able to keep the new door handle intact.  I shall keep my fingers crossed.  I will also be sure the next time the car door refuses to open to use a new trick I learned on Friday.  All one has to do is spray window washer fluid (the kind that works up to -20 below zero) on the door to loosen it.   Breaking a car door handle once is about all I’d like to experience.