Study, Study, Study

Image of a girl at study courtesy of africa at

Image of a girl studying courtesy of africa at


My Dad has long had dreams of one of his children taking over his insurance business when he wants to stop working.  Only thing was neither my brother nor I felt insurance was our calling.  Yet Dad kept hoping one of us would change our mind.  A month ago I changed my mind.

My jewelry business had a bad holiday season in 2014 and it became clear in 2015 that it was going to happen again.    The last couple years I have made changes to how the business runs and I knew if I didn’t do one more thing, I would risk a third bad holiday season.  So I chose to temporarily stop paying myself and only pay my one employee. This decision left me to consider where I could earn my income until my business improves.

Why I chose insurance:

Reason one:My Dad would still let me run the jewelry business. He would just expect I split my time between insurance and selling jewelry.  The second reason: I want to keep my financial stability intact.  I know what it is like to not have it and I have no wish to repeat it.

For the time being it will be easy to handle both jobs but later I will have to make adjustments.  Like hiring someone else to fill in for me in the afternoon while I go work on insurance.  Or I could decide to temporarily split my time between the two until a new hire is trained then I leave to work insurance full-time.

But before I can even consider either of these or other possibilities, I had to study and learn the material.  This included insurance basics, policy types, group insurance, annuities, Indiana insurance laws and more.  I studied between 28 and 30 hours a week till I was ready to try the licensing exam.  (An applicant can’t apply for a license without first passing the test.  It requires a 67% passing rate or higher to do so. The life and health test has 160 questions.)

I took the exam for the first time in early December and I got more than half the test right but not enough to pass. So I went back to studying and two weeks later tried again.  I did better than the first time but once again didn’t pass the test.

Both times I was very encouraged by the fact that I got so much right but it was also frustrating to be within reach of passing and not getting there.

On December 30th, I tried again and this time I passed. I got 110 questions right and 50 wrong. My passing percentage was 69%.  I think bearing down in my studying helped and the added benefit of getting the key to a locker a woman used while she took her own test gave me luck; she passed by the way.

Within twenty-four hours after submitting my application for a license I received approval.  There will be a few more steps to go before I can begin looking for prospects to sell insurance to and I am in no hurry.  It will be at least another month.

I hope this is my last career adventure unless of course my writing career takes off then I would quickly change my mind.