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Welcome to Ruminate Central!  The section of my website where I share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, lessons learned, and more. And sometimes I will take a break from my ruminations and post a short story series.

Rock in the Red Zone written & directed by Lauren Bialis

Rock in the Red Zone is an intimate look at the Israeli city of Sderot near the Gaza Strip.  It’s a town that frequently has Qassams (flying pipe bombs) hitting its streets.  The impact of this almost daily barrage has hurt the town economically and leaves permanent physiological scars on its citizens. Yet despite all […]

Health Insurance

    Health insurance, I think of it as a privileged and I like having it. Eighteen years ago, nineteen come this Halloween,  I  almost fell down some stairs. I avoided doing so because I twisted to my right and grabbed the railing with both hands to stop my fall. In the weeks and months to follow I […]

Tile: Bluetooth Tracker

 The above video, is from TheTileApp on YouTube.   My parents bought a new app/tablet device, known as The Tile.  They got it to help them keep track of their, keys, purses, wallets, and anything else of importance. I went On-line to  learn all about this new device and how the it works.  The Tile, […]

Make It Happen

“Make It Happen”  – my goal for the move to a new office building but now it is time I do the same as a writer. My parents have lived at Meadowood for about a month and are enjoying living there. So far my parents have watched a few films with their fellow residents ; […]

My Parents: Moving Fast

    See the fast sports car above, that is how fast I feel my parents have gone since “My Mother” post.   In less than a week my parents signed a lease for an apartment at Meadowwood, a retirement community located near IU University’s cyclotron.  A few days later my Dad and I look at three office spaces; […]

My Mother

  Since 2014, my mother has had more illnesses in a given year.   And just last week she recovered from yet another illness but this time it gave my father pause. The illness was not serious but it came on the heals of two others that happened in a short span.  As a result he decided they […]

Peace of Mind

    A little over two years ago I gave up drinking soda and now drink regular tea or fruit flavored green tea, or use fruit flavored water enhancers when I drink water.   Then I decided to give up eating meats with added preservatives and hormones, stop eating foods with high fructose corn syrup, and […]

Reflecting on Halloween

As a kid, when October approached my thoughts would drift away from course work at school to what will I dress up as for Halloween.  I took inspiration from the cartoons I watched, my toys, and family vacations. Not long after visiting Williamsburg, I begged my Mom to make me colonial dress for Halloween and […]


  Equality – a goal that keeps getting out of our reach. We get close then whoops it’s out of range again. I thought this after watching the documentary Equal Means Equal. Its message and I paraphrase this: “women do not match men in society.”  For example, women earn less than men in the workplace. […]


Uh oh the jitters! Last Wednesday the jitters hit me when my brother called me.   He said he and his wife have to go out-of-town; Could I take my Niece for the weekend? I was not keen to say yes.  Why? Because my Niece is regularly called a HANDFUL by my brother, his wife and […]

Upcoming Writing Projects

  Now that  my “Defying Nature” posts have finished, I thought I would give an update on my writing projects.  I have decided to put aside “The Keeper”, my abduction story. In its place I will rework parts of “Defying Nature”, add new sections to the story and maybe change the ending. Once my work […]


  I have been using a Verizon Hot Spot to connect to the Internet for the last month.  It is a positive that I only use a gigabyte a week and also that I don’t have to pay for it. (Thanks Mom and Dad!) In the month of November I downloaded one PBS video, a […]

Very Busy Woman

  Good news! I found a new home and plan to move in on November 7th.The home is close to every place I frequent and most importantly it is close to work and family. Until my move happens I am keeping busy. One of the things I am doing is helping my Mom get back […]

A Train Visit to Remember

    On Saturday I drove over four hours to Hammond, Indiana to see a replica of the train that carried President Lincoln’s body and his son Willie’s across the United States.  (The original train burned in 1911.) Normally I would avoid such a trip because I have a poor back. But the more I thought about […]

Paid Promotions – Working??

  Lately I am been thinking about the paid promotions I have done this month to figure out which worked and which didn’t.  So far I have tried promotions through, and  The promotions were done more than a week a part so I could adequately see if they produced results. Unfortunately the first didn’t […]

Online Book Tour: The Interviews

    As many of you may already know, I am doing a book tour online with Enchanted Book Promotions. As part of the tour I had to answer several interview questions from various bloggers. These interviews began to be posted online on June 25th. Here is the link to my spotlight page on for […]

Jurassic World

  Warning: Not a review.   It has been twenty two years since I saw the first Jurassic movie with my father and brother in a movie theater.  We saw it back then just before or after Father’s Day in June of 1993.   When it was announced when Jurassic World would be released my […]

I Love Indiana But…

  As many of you know, I grew up in central New Jersey. What you may not know is in 2002, I moved to Bloomington, a university town in southern Indiana to be closer to my maternal grandparents and to relocate the family Internet business. My grandparents were in declining health and I wanted to […]

Memory Lane

    As I have worked on revising and refining my latest manuscript set in the 1980s, I have often thought about my memories of this decade. For instance, I clearly remember in the kitchen of the home I lived in until halfway through fourth grade, a rotary phone hanging on a kitchen wall. One […]

Ah December!

       Ah December, when the lion of winter arrives in force and holiday giddiness goes into hyper drive.  And no matter the genre, radio stations across the United States play holiday music.        Decorative lights are hung from gutters on homes and garages and on outdoor trees.  Some people inflate balloons […]

Driver-less Cars

Google, BMW and Audi are developing driver-less cars. These vehicles will have extremely complex programming to ensure that everything “under the sun” is taken into account to prevent accidents on the road. These cars are being tested now. Initially I thought this would be great. I sometimes develop horrible back pain during the work day […]

Book Publishing Blues

    Lately I have thought about the crowd funding sites I chose to publish on. It has been a month or a bit more than that since my book Switching Stations Switching Stories first appeared on them. I thought when I chose the crowd funding sites it was a good decision that allowed me […]

Wrong About Black Cats & Vampires

      For centuries, black cats have played a major role in folklore, superstition and mythology. In particular, in the Middle Ages they were believed to be witches’ familiars, and some people even believed them to be witches incarnate. Many old superstitions about black cats exist to this day, including the widely known superstition […]

A Writing Blog Tour

Two weeks ago I was asked by author Simon Canton to be part of A Writing Blog Tour. It has taken place for quite some time and many people have picked up and passed the baton. They include, to name a few, Antonia Lindsay: and Anthony Burt:, and: Dave Higgins I felt […]

The Unforeseen in Publishing & Book Promotion: Learning Experiences

I have shared important learning experiences in three prior blog posts titled “The Unforeseen in Publishing and Book Promotion.” I am pleased to report StoryCartel got in touch on April 9th and approved the Mobi file. I then had to sign into my StoryCartel account and clicked launch. Later on the same day, on Twitter, […]

Social Media and Me

On social media an endless list of companies, independent sellers, artists, writers and athletes all vie for an audience to plus, like, tweet, pin, Instagram, share a video, etc. hoping that a social media reader who follows them will spread the word that this social media site is cool. These social media companies also want […]

My Manuscript is Nearly An Adult: I am Holding Back The Tears

As I approach publication of “Switching Stations, Switching Stories”, I am aware the editing process is not quite over. Yes, I know I have gone through the manuscript dozens of times prior to paying a professional editor. In February we worked along side each other passing the manuscript back and forth via e-mail every two […]