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Welcome to Ruminate Central!  The section of my website where I share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, lessons learned, and more. And sometimes I will take a break from my ruminations and post a short story series.

An Adventure in Space and Time: The Origins of Dr. Who

  An Adventure in Space and Time (2013) – an interesting title of a film I saw on BritBox.  I became curious and read the description-of  the film, It turns out to be about the origins of the long time series Dr. Who.  Being curious I chose to watch it and find out about the […]

Time of Death & BBC Crime Series In the Dark

  Time of Death, a DI Tom Thorne novel, is one of two books, by Mark Billingham, adapted for the BBC crime series In the Dark which uses the same name as the second source book.  When I first heard about In the Dark it was through an e-mail from Britbox, a streaming service I use […]

Berlin Red: An Inspector Pekkala Novel of Suspence

      Berlin Red, it is not a mystery as with the previous Inspector Pekkala novels. Instead it tells of the last days leading to Germany’s defeat in WWII. Hitler demands radio broadcasts by a Der Chef stop immediately.  It is not so much that Der Chef’s airs accurate gossip, that does not trouble […]

Health Insurance

    Health insurance, I think of it as a privileged and I like having it. Eighteen years ago, nineteen come this Halloween,  I  almost fell down some stairs. I avoided doing so because I twisted to my right and grabbed the railing with both hands to stop my fall. In the weeks and months to follow I […]

Tile: Bluetooth Tracker

 The above video, is from TheTileApp on YouTube.   My parents bought a new app/tablet device, known as The Tile.  They got it to help them keep track of their, keys, purses, wallets, and anything else of importance. I went On-line to  learn all about this new device and how the it works.  The Tile, […]

I am Physically Tired but Making It: Yippee!

  Physically tired that is me this right now. Last week my employee and I ramped up our efforts to ready Cliptomania for moving day which was Monday May 22nd.   We downsized inventory to fit on fewer shelves; figured out what furniture we are taking; and boxed up inventory, office supplies etc.  The furniture we took […]