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Welcome to Ruminate Central!  The section of my website where I share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, lessons learned, and more. And sometimes I will take a break from my ruminations and post a short story series.

In Search of Israeli Cuisine – a doc film by Roger Sherman

  Before I saw In Search of Israeli Cuisine on Netflix, I thought their cuisine likely had deep roots in Western Europe.  Within the first two minutes the notion gets blown out of the water.  Zahav chef Michael Solomonov enters a Yeminite grill in Tel Aviv and makes his order.   A few minutes later I see […]

The Netanyahu Years by Israeli reporter Ben Caspit

    In the Netanyahu Years, journalist and author Ben Caspit  reveals his subject as a person and politician. He shares details about Netanyau’s early life, living and studying in Israel and America, the family bonds, and what drives him in his endeavors. Up to and through these aspects Caspit gets to the heart of […]

Williams: the story of 1 of Formula 1’s celebrated families

Williams tells the story of one of Forumula One’s most celebrated families.  Frank Williams, a car enthusiast entered the world of auto racing selling car parts & then built and rebuilt racing cars.  He raced himself and not just on the track, off too – always trying to beat his last drive time.  Eventually Frank began […]

Serpents Rising: A Cullen & Cobb Mystery Book 1

Serpents Rising, a Cullen and Cobb mystery, introduces the reader to journalist Adam Cullen who wife Donna died at the hands of an arsonist the police are unable solve her death.  So he turns to private investigator Mike Cobb but he too becomes stuck.  Fast forward seven years later Cobb re-enters Cullen’s life. He wants […]

An Adventure in Space and Time: The Origins of Dr. Who

  An Adventure in Space and Time (2013) – an interesting title of a film I saw on BritBox.  I became curious and read the description-of  the film, It turns out to be about the origins of the long time series Dr. Who.  Being curious I chose to watch it and find out about the […]

Time of Death & BBC Crime Series In the Dark

  Time of Death, a DI Tom Thorne novel, is one of two books, by Mark Billingham, adapted for the BBC crime series In the Dark which uses the same name as the second source book.  When I first heard about In the Dark it was through an e-mail from Britbox, a streaming service I use […]

Berlin Red: An Inspector Pekkala Novel of Suspence

      Berlin Red, it is not a mystery as with the previous Inspector Pekkala novels. Instead it tells of the last days leading to Germany’s defeat in WWII. Hitler demands radio broadcasts by a Der Chef stop immediately.  It is not so much that Der Chef’s airs accurate gossip, that does not trouble […]