Christy’s Short Stories

Story Time Warp: If I had Three Wishes

  If a genie from a lamp offered me three wishes, I wouldn’t wish for lots of money.  I’d wish for something really neat like having my picture taken with my favorite New York Mets player, right fielder Darryl Strawberry .  Or being successful like my Dad who is an insurance agent or being less […]

Little Red Riding Hood: Wolf

    “My rights got violated not once but twice,” sputters a wolf his eyes ablaze. “My rights got violated not one but twice. You have to help me get these bastards! “Sir I would like to help you, but I need you to get your emotions under better control first, please take some deep breaths […]

Hanzel and Gretal: The Witch’s Side

    My plan was perfect I’d target the sweet tooth of a child with the aroma of candy and gingerbread cake.  A combination a kid with an empty or full stomach can’t resist.   And all unsuspecting of his or her fate to become part of my gingerbread and candy house. It is easy for me to […]

Meeting King Richard III

  Meeting King Richard III…in the afterlife A gentleman with neatly trimmed black hair and circle beard; wearing a tailored dark gray suite with faint light grey stripes steps out of thick fog to greet what he believes is another “Richard III enthusiast.” Until the twentieth century he rarely dealt with anyone and then Richard’s […]

Lily & The Lion :Anti Fairy Tale

  My name is Lily and I am here to tell you the fairy tale life is terrible. Here is why, years  ago when I was a young, around the holidays my Father, a wealthy merchant asked my sisters and I what gifts we wanted. My Father easily obtained the diamonds and the pearls  for […]


  Solution: Part 3 of Radio Waves A 191 days later Othi Xouqphon and his sister Baitair Dang stare at an illuminated light bulb, an ancient device, adopted by their Kind as one of the symbols for solution.  Within moments the light bulb disappears. In its place appears a black square with a round blue and silver-colored button. […]