Christy’s Reviews

Review of Secret State

Recently I watched an intriguing TV movie from 2012 titled Secret State.  It starred Gabriel Byrne (In Treatment and Vikings) as Tony Dawkins and Charles Dance as John Hodder (Imitation Game.) Once I finished watching this political thriller, I learned it was based on Chris Mullin’s 1982 book: A Very British Coup.    Six years […]

Review of Back Channel

    Recently I was roaming the isles of my local library when I came upon Stephen L Carter’s Back Channel.   I knew the author’s name from another book he wrote titled The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln. In it Carter imagines Lincoln surviving an assassination attempt only to have Congress charge him with overreaching his constitutional […]

A Review of Two Bronze Pennies

      Chris Nickson’s Two Bronze Pennies opens on Christmas Eve 1890 in Leeds, England.  Detective Inspector Tom Harper is eager to spend Christmas with his wife Annabelle and to have a break from work.  His latter plans are dashed when a young Jewish man living in a nearby district, riddled in poverty, is murdered.  His body […]

My Thoughts on Mr. Robot

    Mr. Robot is a USA network show focusing on a young man named Elliot Alderson who has antisocial disorder and who suffers from severe depression. By day he works at Allsafe, a computer network security company, and at night in his apartment he hacks his way into people’s’ lives, learning all he can […]

E-book Review of Johnny Don’t March

        Timothy Hurley’s e-book, Johnny Don’t March, is a very moving and touching fictional story about Brooklyn native, Nelson O’Brien. Through the main character Hurley  portrays a solder suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. At the start of the book, Nelson has deep emotion and physical scars  from the destruction of […]