Christy’s Reviews

Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian

  Arthur M Schlesinger JR, one of the major historians of the 20th century,  set the bar on shaping the late John F. Kennedy’s legacy.  His start as a historian began with his father a noted Harvard professor who encouraged his son to follow his dreams and goals. In the years to come Schlesinger forged […]

Baba Joon: a film written & directed by Yuval Delshad

Baba Joon is a film about Yitzhak who runs the family turkey farm started by his father after the family immigrated from Iran to Israel.   When his son Moti reaches the age of thirteen, Yitzhak wishes to teach his son the family trade but the boy would rather work with machinery specifically on his own […]

Wormwood: a crime documentary by Erroll Morris

  Frank Olson, a military scientist working at Fort Dietrich, plunges eighteen stories to his death on the night of November 28, 1953.  I first learned of this tragedy while reading the mystery book Better Dead by Max Allen Collins.  (Click on the book title to read my review.)  This year I came upon Wormwood, a documentary […]

66 Days: Bobby Sands Documentary

  66 days: Bobby Sands, a documentary by  Brendan J. Byrne, presents a cleaner version of the IRA member’s last days. I became familiar with Bobby Sands from watching the 2008 film “The Hunger” starring Michael Fassbender.  Unlike, 66 days, it does not hesitate to face and show the terrible prison conditions Sands and other […]

Documentary: The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson

The documentary film The Death and Life of Marsha P Johnson starts  with footage of her in a parade. While Johnson lived she fought for the rights of street queens or transvestites in NY’s gay ghetto.  In 1992 her body lifeless body was found floating in the Hudson River and the NYPD ruled it a […]

Mindhunter: – a new crime drama series on Netflix

Mindhunter, the drama, begins in 1977, a man with a rifle is holding hostages at a factory, demanding to see his wife.   Reporters, snipers, and other police officers watch events unfold.  The lead officer makes demands via a bull horn trying to get the man to give up and lay down is rife.  Soon hostage […]

Astrid Dehe & Achim Engstler’s Eichmann’s Executioner

  Astrid Dehe and Achim Engstler’s Eichmann’s Executioner tells a story that began fifty years ago in May 1962.  Twenty two men who have shared guarding and observing former Nazi Adolf Eichmann must choose who among them will carry out the Court’s sentence to hang Adolf Eichmann.  (It will have to be one of them […]