Christy’s Reviews

Bordertown – a Netflix Original Series

      Bordertown is a Scandinavian crime series from featuring Ville Virtanen as Kari Sorjonen, a brilliant & peculiar detective who moves his family out of Finland’s capital to the small town of Lappeenranta near the Russian border.   His wife, Paulinna has survived brain cancer and Kari’s feels his family must come first instead […]

Harlan Coben’s The Five: A BBC Crime Drama

  New Jersey novelist, Harlan Coben moved to doing a drama series with the BBC that first aired in April of this year called “The Five.” This series is now available on Netflix’s Online streaming service.  I found the series there, read the description, chose to watch all 10 episodes. “The Five” focuses on four […]

Humanitarians at War : A book about the ICRC in Geneva

    Before I get to my thoughts on Humanitarians at War, I want to stress the book’s focus is solely about the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC): Geneva, Switzerland. The title and book description piqued my interest.  I wanted to know why the author felt the ICRC didn’t do enough to help […]

The Killing Forest: A Louise Rick series book

  At the start of The Killing Forest, Louise Rick returns after an extended leave to work at the Special Search Agency a unit of the National Police Department.   After surviving meeting her partner Eik’s canine friend Charlie, they get assigned to find a missing person’s case that of a fifteen year old boy named Sune. […]

Doctor Who: First Four Episodes of the Series

  Doctor Who starts with four episodes that originally aired 23 November 1963 with Unearthly Child, then The Cave of Skulls a week later, next The Forest of Fear, and finally wrapped up with Firemaker on 14 December 1963. Two teachers from Coal Hill School, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, have concerns about a student […]

Stanton: Lincoln’s War Secretary by Walter Stahr

  Stanton: Lincoln’s War Secretary, the third book I read by Walter Stahr.  The other two – Seward: Lincoln’s Indispensable Man has good flow and is an absorbing book.  However, I didn’t feel the same about John Jay Founding Father. It didn’t flow well and at times felt boring. Yet I did finish the book and […]